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16 December 2009

On Darwinism, the Multiverse Hypothesis & Mechanism

The vacuum of space is full of wispy clouds of stardust

The multiverse hypothesis is intended to make cosmology the new opiate of the masses; there's no need to fret too much about what happens here, right now - just relax, enjoy yourself, and don't think too deeply. After all, if you don't get what you want in this universe, a parallel you will get it, is getting it, or has gotten it in at least one alternate universe. There is a sense in which the multiverse hypothesis is really the mechanistic atheist's heaven. Every possible event has happened, is happening, or will happen in every possible combination: in one universe you're a Beethoven, in another you're a Stalin, in yet another a flea! You can almost see the egalitarians and materialists and Marxists and reductionists popping the cork out of the champagne bottle. Darwinism/methodological naturalism states that given enough time, mechanism can bring about life/sentience/consciousness. And what is the multiverse hypothesis if not a spatial variant of evolutionism's time game? The multiverse hypothesis contends that given enough space, mechanism can bring about life/sentience/consciousness. But space-time doesn't exist as an abstraction; space-time is part of the fabric of reality - it is a medium, as well as part and parcel, of evolution. But what are the elements, forces, laws, and entities that will manifest themselves within the fabric of space-time, and how and why will they self-assemble as they proceed to do so?

"Nature is just far more inventive in making planets than we were imagining."

The one thing that Darwinism and the mulitverse hypothesis have in common is their absolute prior commitment to mechanism, i.e., to the doctrine that holds that natural processes (as of life) to be mechanically determined and capable of complete explanation by the laws of physics and chemistry. Darwinism and the multiverse hypothesis are both inimical to teleology; indeed, Darwinism and the multiverse hypothesis are specifically crafted to eliminate any role whatsoever for teleology. Darwinism maintains that natural selection and random mutation can bring about life; the multiverse hypothesis purportedly eliminates the need for an intelligent Creator: together, Darwinism and the multiverse hypothesis are the twin pillars of atheistic mechanism - there is nothing but matter and time and energy and randomness and space.

Thus understood, we can more carefully scrutinize the logical flaws of Darwinism. Natural selection operates on entities that possess a survival drive. Inanimate matter does not have a survival drive; indeed, to even suggest otherwise would risk resorting to teleology and essences, something that mechanism strictly forbids. Until life somehow arises, natural selection has nothing to operate upon: Why would inorganic, lifeless, unorganized, randomized matter structure and contextualize itself so as to induce life and sentience and consciousness? The response of the materialist-atheist has to be some form of mechanism, i.e., the answer is somehow to be found in the laws of physics and chemistry. But mechanism states that there is no Creator to write the laws of physics and chemistry. Yet why do these laws operate as they do? Why do they have the parameters that they do? Why do they interact and manifest themselves so as to integrate themselves into a cosmos that can then in turn induce life and sentience and consciousness? The life engendering balancing of the laws and forces of nature flies in the face of the randomness required by mechanism: a stacked deck isn't random. In fact, the existence, the hierarchical ordering and meaning imposed on each card in the deck, and the rules required to give card games meaning, fly in the face of randomness. To say that life arose by "accident" or via random processes is like saying that I pulled the nine of clubs by "accident" or via random processes. The point is this: life had to have a teleological reality in which in to self-generate and then self-replicate; the deck had to exist before I could draw a card from it.

Synapses - where brain cells connect with each other - have long been
known to be the key site of information exchange and storage in the brain.

What Darwinism really stands for is the proposition that life can blindly arise by random processes, and thereafter self-complexify via natural selection operating on random mutations. But Darwinism has a problem with explaining how life began, as well as with explaining the origin of the bio-friendly cosmic laws and forces of nature: enter the multiverse hypothesis; all the multiverse hypothesis really is, is the mechanistic atheist's attempt to sidestep the question of the origin of life and the question of the cause of the bio-friendly cosmic laws and forces of nature; the mechanistic atheist states that there are an infinite number of universes (i.e., the multiverse), and so of course one or more of these universes will emerge in a form capable of generating and supporting life - and voila! - Darwinism's just-so story is buffeted by an untestable, question-begging supposition. Evolution understood as change over time and even as common ancestry is rational and is demonstrated by empirical evidence, but the Darwinist/evolutionist position that everything can be explained by mechanism is quite simply wrong: it flies in the face of facts, logic, reason, and even science itself!

Darwinism represents neither unbiased truth nor dispassionate science, but rather the mechanization of life; Paley and Darwin are both wrong - and for the same essential reason: the cosmos is neither watch nor machine, but instead, the cosmos is more akin to a living organism (or perhaps a living super-organism). The multiverse hypothesis is the mechanization of the cosmos, and as such it protects Darwinism's exposed flanks. At no point does Darwinism permit teleology, and purportedly at no point does the multiverse hypothesis permit or require an intelligent Creator. But these are ideological, artificial constraints imposed on reality by the doctrine of mechanism and its evolutionist/multiverse tag team. Mechanism rules out teleology a priori, and anything and everything is interpreted through mechanism's unsubstantiated assertions and self-proclaimed parameters. But of course, none of this is science. None of this is following the evidence wherever it leads. None of this is unbiased, open-minded probing and searching out of truth. Darwinism and the multiverse hypothesis are every bit as close-minded, doctrinaire, and dogmatic as Marxism itself: reality mustn't be allowed to interfere with the Agenda. Conform or be cast out. Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species, but he didn't copyright reality. Darwin recognized that change occurs over time, and he saw nature's incrementalism from the perspective of methodological naturalism. But is methodological naturalism the only perspective from which to view nature's incrementalism? The emergence of life and sentience and consciousness, the bio-friendly laws and forces of nature, as well as the progression of the cosmos from a seed-like singularity to today's visible universe, suggest that perhaps nature's incrementalism actually is goal-based teleology. Is that really so far-fetched? Why should the Darwinian patina of metaphysical nihilism be the final word concerning nature's incrementalism? Why is the statement: "Ultimately, everything is an accident" any more or less scientific than the statement: "Ultimately, everything is goal-oriented"? Why must the brain be viewed exclusively as a piece of electrified meat? Perhaps the brain is an organ, a portal to higher dimensions, to disembodied Consciousness, but we, still with primordial mud on our boots, are unable to perceive this supra-dimensional bioelectrical teleology of the matter-body-brain-mind-consciousness-spirit continuum. As Aristotle's teleology demonstrates, thinking is godlike: abstract contemplation is the highest end. Plato's Republic and Myth of Er, St. Augustine's notion of evil as distance from God, Aristotle's view on biological reproduction as somehow participating in the divine - none of these thinkers or their ideas would dispute evolution understood as change over time, or perhaps even as common ancestry, but to deny teleology?

At this point in history there really is no way to know - in an ultimate sense - if reality, as we are capable of perceiving it, is the result of randomness or purposefulness. But as intelligent, conscious beings, we have a duty to consider all the best possible evidence and, based upon that evidence, set forth the best hypothesis that we possibly can - and this is precisely what I submit to you that Transudationism is: the best hypothesis that can be made, based upon all the best possible evidence. The seed is somehow impelled to become the plant; the electron is somehow brought to orbit the nucleus - and what does intelligent imagination suggest to us what the mind might somehow be induced to do and become? Who's to say that everything - reality - is a happenstance confluence of blind mechanism, sifting through an eternity of randomized ripples? Perhaps rather reality is the sprouting of Beauty - a symphonious cosmic garden - and not a cacophonous materialistic hellhole. Perhaps the Big Bang singularity was a seed, and not a random expansion of matter-energy space-time. Is that really so far-fetched? Cosmologists and physicists generally agree that the entire visible universe expanded from a singularity much smaller than a pea. The atoms composing your body are stardust. Consciousness has quite literally emerged from the void. No, we cannot possibly Know anything with absolute certainty - at least not at this stage in the evolution of cosmic consciousness (please see Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem). But yet we can - and indeed, we have a duty to - set forth our best hypothesis:

It is hereby submitted to a candid world that the facts regarding the emergence and expansion of the cosmos and of its inherent creative powers and processes - as well as the creation, maintenance, and holonic teleology of the laws of Nature and of Nature's God - self-evidently support the truth of the following assertion: Transudationism is the best hypothesis that can be made regarding the meaning and purpose of existence-reality.

09 December 2009

Roger Penrose on the fine-tuning of the cosmos

"There's got to be fine-tuning. This is fine-tuning. This is incredible precision in the organization of the initial universe."

We see seeds in nature everywhere. Is it really so outrageous to suggest that the origin of our universe - i.e., the Big Bang - was itself a seed?

For life to exist in the mesoscopic dimension of human perception, it must first evolve/arise from the microscopic dimension of the subatomic/quantum. Can it not follow, then, that there is also a macroscopic dimension, one in which the cosmos itself is a living super-organism? Logic, reason, and evidence suggest that this is a rational hypothesis.

The world's major religions all put a voodoo-superstition spin on reality, but there is absolutely no need for this; it stems from a time in human history when we simply didn't know anything about the origin of the universe or the information storing capacity of DNA. The cosmos is beautiful enough, is mysterious enough: the fact that life/sentience/consciousness - indeed, the entire cosmos - emerged from a minuscule singularity is fascinating enough; there's no need to cling to a two thousand year old fairy tale about walking on water, pulling copious amounts of bread and fish from a basket, resurrecting the dead - and all the rest of it. If some people are determined to believe in yarns, so be it - they have every right to do so. They might very well be correct, but there's not a shred of evidence to prove any of it. And blind faith in any religion is as bad, perhaps even worse, then blind faith in mechanism/Darwinism and the multiverse.

Genuine enchantment is to be found by viewing the cosmos through the eyes of a child, but with the mind of an adult. Nowadays, most everyone is a jaded pedant, a materialistic automaton - corrupt to the very bone. Spontaneity, joy, beauty, love, truth, goodness - these are the things that make us human, that provide ALL living creatures with meaning and purpose and hope, that fulfill and express our innermost humanity. Who murdered these sublime qualities? I maintain that those who are fixated with Jesus are just as guilty as those who are fixated with Darwin. Both camps are dug in deep and refuse to grant the other the principle of charity; they're like children taunting each other in a sandbox. They flaunt their credentials and mouth the talking points of their respective warlords (i.e., Jesus and Darwin) - and meanwhile precious life circles the drain. Because if you look closely, if you listen carefully, you know that our cosmic oasis, Earth, is dying.

Transudationists say: Follow the evidence wherever it leads.

And where does the evidence lead? Directly to the prime hypothesis - not the law, not the theory, but the hypothesis - of Transudationism: the Big Bang was an autotelic seed.

And regarding the Big Bang/autotelic seed, the truth is this: I don't know who or what "planted" it, and neither does anyone else. And if anyone does claim to know, shield your intellect and grasp your wallet, because that's what they're after. When science becomes the domain of dogmatists and propagandists, when religion becomes an arena for hucksters and voodoo, when academia is turned into a postmodern three-ring circus, it's time to pull the plug: stop subcontracting-out your thinking, and think for yourself; you can do that without believing anything I say.

Is there anyone out there with an open mind?

The grand aim of all science is to cover the greatest number of empirical facts by logical deduction from the smallest number of hypotheses or axioms.

- Albert Einstein -

08 December 2009

People prefer partners with similar ancestry: Let's turn the world right-side up

People mysteriously marry those with similar ancestry, U.S. researchers say. Study leader Neil Risch of the University of California, San Francisco, says mysteriously, the correlation of physical characteristics linked to ancestry - such as skin pigment, hair texture, or eye color - are actually below what is required to fully explain the phenomenon. Also, geography or socioeconomic status could not explain the ancestral influence on romance. Not only are there similar ancestry patterns between spouses, an imprint of many non-random associations of genes between original ancestral populations is found within the genomic architecture within each individual.

This is natural and normal. It's not "hate." It's not "racism." It's not "intolerance." And to force/indoctrinate people to do things that go against the laws of Nature and of Nature's God is not love, or brotherhood, or inclusiveness: it's immoral. There are a lot of people - very, very powerful people - who want to criminalize the laws of Nature, and they want to outlaw anything that falls outside of their strict, dogmatic atheistic mechanism. Many of them state with absolute certainty that there is no God. And then they force the rest of us to live according to their mechanistic atheist creed, according to the ideology that they've successfully pawned off as science; they have
succeeded in defining science as mechanistic atheism. That is the source of their condescension and derision. That is the secret to their power. That is what enables them to strike poses as valiant Protectors of the Faith - the Faith being their unquestioning, absolute prior commitment to atheistic mechanism, because in their minds, to question atheistic mechanism is to question science itself.

These people have done what every good Marxist knows how to do: use words to paint their enemies in corners. But strike at their definitions, challenge their unsubstantiated assertions and their self-proclaimed parameters, it's at that moment that they start shrieking like school girls seeing their first horror movie. All there is is space, energy, time, randomness, and matter, and under no circumstances whatsoever is atheistic mechanism to be questioned; it has to provide all the answers, all the time - to everything.

Ask the mechanistic atheist how the first living entity arose, and - bang! - he knows. But this is a peculiar kind of knowing, because it is strictly negative: we don't know how life arose, but we know that it didn't arise X way. And how do we know this? Because mechanism says so. And how do we know that mechanism is correct? Because it has to be, because we won't consider any other possibility. And that's really the extent of it. Ask the mechanistic atheist how life arose, and he'll talk a lot about chemistry and randomness and the laws of Nature and so on. Ask about the origin of the cosmos, and he'll speculate about the multiverse. His ideology defines his reality. This is the real point that must be understood.

The cosmos, the universe - everything - originated from a singularity much smaller than a pea; the Big Bang spawned reality, ultimately birthing life and sentience and consciousness. But yet the mechanistic atheist knows that this is all just an accident: the bio-friendly laws of the cosmos, the life-enabling laws of physics and chemistry, the exquisite fine-tuning that induces sentience and consciousness, the order and structure and holonic integration that engenders and constitutes reality, the progression of the cosmos from a seed-like singularity to today's visible universe, it's all just an accident - because mechanism says so.

Perhaps it's time for ideology to no longer define reality. Instead, let reality define ideology.

I challenge my readers to consider the points made above, and then to read through the blog posts below this one. This world has been turned upside-down by Marxist, materialistic, mechanistic atheists. They define reality such that to challenge their paradigm is to be a heretic - and truth and Reason be damned.

We've had enough of the mechanistic atheist's Wonderland and his concomitant multicultural, multiracial dystopia.

It's not "hate." It's not "racism." It's not "intolerance." It's respect and fidelity to the laws of Nature and of Nature's God.

Let's turn the world right-side up.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to build a wall on the border with Egypt to prevent African migrants from changing Israel's racial balance.

Netanyahu believes building a wall along the southern borders with Egypt is an "unavoidable and strategic" measure, which Tel Aviv must take to ensure that thousands of migrants do not cross over from Africa, Israel's Maariv daily reported Tuesday.

According to Maariv, the prime minister sees the migration of Africans as a problem that may escalate in the coming years and disrupt the demographic balance of southern Israel.

The paper writes that from Netanyahu's point of view migration from Africa has already changed the faces of the two cities of Arad and Eilat in southern Israel.

03 December 2009


Dr Martin Schaefer from the University of Freiburg in Germany led the research. He and his team found that blackcaps that migrated to the UK for the winter were in the very earliest stages of forming a new species. He explained that some blackcaps (Sylvia areicapilla) would always have migrated "a little further north" than others and eventually "ended up in Britain in the winter". "But those birds would have had nothing to eat," he said. It was when garden bird feeders became more popular in the UK, that an evolutionary division began to emerge. "As soon as the British provided a lot of bird food, those birds would have had a much higher probability of surviving the winter." And because the UK is closer to their breeding ground, those birds would also have returned earlier to claim the best territory. The researchers, from Germany and Canada, set out to discover if the birds that spent the winter availing themselves of garden bird-feeders were in fact a distinct group. To do this, they studied the blackcaps at a breeding ground in Germany. The team were able to use a chemical "signature" from the birds' claws to identify where they spent the winter, and what food they ate. "Then we took blood samples and analysed those to assess whether ... we had two distinct populations. And that's exactly what we found," said Dr Schaefer. "To a very large extent the birds only mate [with] birds with the same overwintering grounds as them." This initial "reproductive isolation", Dr Schaefer explained, is the very first step in the evolution of a new species. "This tells us that by feeding birds in winter we ... produce an evolutionary split. And we have produced these initial steps in as little as 50 years." The team also observed differences in the birds' beaks, wings and plumage.Blackcaps that migrated along the shorter route to the UK had rounder wings, and longer, narrower beaks. The scientists said these differences were evidence that the birds had adapted to their shorter journey, and to eating seeds and fat from bird-feeders, rather than fruit from shrubs and trees. But, Dr Schaefer pointed out that the evolution of a new bird species "could take 100,000 to a million years". "At this stage this is reversible," he added. "And it's hard to envision a species change, because if there's another economic crisis and people stop feeding the birds, the whole system might just collapse.

Humans have moved into the evolutionary fast lane and are becoming increasingly different, a genetic study suggests. In the past 5,000 years, genetic change has occurred at a rate roughly 100 times higher than any other period, say scientists in the US. This is in contrast with the widely-held belief that recent human evolution has halted. The research has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Professor Henry Harpending, an author of the study from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, US, said: "The dogma has been these [differences] are cultural fluctuations, but almost any temperament trait you look at is under strong genetic influences." "Genes are evolving fast in Europe, Asia and Africa, but almost all of these are unique to their continent of origin," he added. "We are getting less alike, not merging into a single, mixed humanity." This is happening, he said, because "there has not been much flow" between different regions since modern humans left Africa to colonise the rest of the world. And there is no evidence that it is slowing down, he added. "The technology can't detect anything beyond about 2,000 years ago, but we see no sign of [human evolution] slowing down. So I would suspect it is continuing," he told BBC News.

European Descended People - and ALL the Peoples of humanity - have the right to survive.

cosmic evolution

30 November 2009

Truth is whatever the best liar says it is...

The Triangular Relationship of Jerusalem Washington North American Jewry
October 2009

By Stuart E. Eizenstat

2009 has seen great challenges facing the Jewish People and the Jewish future. In the Diaspora, there is rampant disaffiliation, with increased intermarriage rates, with low rates of conversion by the non-Jewish spouse, and low birth rates. Jewish assimilation into the mainstream of American life is a challenge to Jewish identity. Among many young Jews, ties to Israel are tenuous.

The internal non-Jewish, American landscape is also changing, with the old elites, strongly supportive of Israel, giving way to a new generation of leaders from a more diverse ethnic and racial background. Our largest state, California, already has a non-white majority, and by mid-century, that will be true for the United States as a whole. The growing Hispanic and Asian populations are not per se antagonistic to Israel, but they have little connection to the Jewish State.

... I am encouraged that the State of Israel and the Jewish Agency recognizes the long-term challenge of strengthening Jewish identity within the Diaspora and between Diaspora Jews and the State of Israel, and is empowering JPPPI to help find solutions to the challenge. The Jewish people over three millennia has faced greater challenges and overcome them.

The Jewish people in the 21st century can do so as well.

Stuart E. Eizenstat, Chairman
JPPPI Board of Directors and
Professional Guiding Council


The modern Federal Government has refused to fund or otherwise enable all manners of public admin­istration and weal; accordingly, it has furthered its ma­lignant designs by stipulating that the national purse shall not open for those incompliant with its schemes and complots of balkanization and coerced anomie. The Federal tyrants have wielded their tax and spend pow­ers so as to impose upon our People a policy of enforced indoctrination into the modern Federal Government’s specious ideology, said specious ideology being dem­onstrated as internally contradictory and illogical by consideration of the following three contentions:

1. The modern Federal Government forces “ra­cial diversity” – even at the point of a bayonet – upon European Descended People, yet when Europe­an Descended People resist its perfidious tyranny, the modern Federal Government simultaneously proclaims that mankind are all the same, that there are no such entities as “races,” and that there is only the “human race.” In other words, the modern Federal Government asserts concurrently that mankind are all the same, yet each belongs to its own biological subset – that there are subsets of humanity that differ from one another, but there are no subsets of humanity that differ from one another.

Yet, if race does not exist and if we are all the same, then there is no “diversity” to begin with; therefore, to enforce a policy that has diversity as its linchpin is sheer madness that requires no refutation.

So, we see that when the best interests of non-Eu­ropean descended people are at issue,
RACE EXISTS and must be taken into account, by force if necessary, in all facets of life and to whatever degree can be attained, yet when the best interests of European Descended Peo­ple are at issue, RACE DOES NOT EXIST and “we” are all the same, and to claim otherwise is not only an act of “hate” and indicative of a mental disease or de­fect, but it shall soon be criminal, too.

Either distinct subsets of humanity exist or they do not. The modern Federal Government has implicitly and explicitly, with crystalline clarity, resolved that di­verse subsets of humanity do exist. Its logic is inextrica­bly wedded to this proposition, and simply issuing an edict and dropping a gavel cannot now serve to recant its reasoning. The modern Federal Government now has “diversity” as a goal in and of itself, without con­sideration for remedying alleged past injustices or dis­crimination: so, prior discrimination no longer serves as a classification of those who benefit from diversity’s corollary privileges, e.g., affirmative action – only race is left to supply this distinction.

That the modern Federal Government speaks from both sides of its mouth is simply additional documen­tation that it is captive to the following five forces: the Jewish-Zionists’ ethno-stratagem of dividing and con­quering; the plutocrats’ addiction to cheap, docile labor; the bought-politicians’ racket of vitiated votes through open borders; the Christians’ surreal universalism; and the “minority” special interest groups. It is transparently obvious that the modern Federal Government’s duplic­ity, cowardice, and venality know no bounds.

If you have never grasped the true significance of the Orwellian oxymoron: “Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer,” you do now, and when you add: “People of Color, Women, and Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual People are Encouraged to Apply,” you can be­gin to perceive the twisted dishonesty inherent in the System.

2a. The first responsive argument to the above line of reasoning proceeds as follows: “‘Race’ exists, but only in the form of superficial differences, e.g., eye color, hair texture, skin pigmentation, external facial features, and other external and internal physical characteristics, etc.” This responsive argument is usually the Bastards’ first line of defense; moreover, it is further proof that the ideology of the modern Federal Government and its allies is specious and cannot withstand the application of logic.

For, if race affects everything we
CAN see, then how is it proper to so flippantly dismiss the possibility that race affects everything we CAN’T see? And, indeed, the evidence is overwhelming that race is more than skin deep, but instead cuts straight to the bone and continues on to the soul: how one acts, how one thinks, the respective cultures and civilizations that are created by the separate races, personality charac­teristics, the demeanor – and the very thought pro­cesses – one possesses, to say nothing of other internal physiological differences.

So, the “superficial differences” argument, advo­cated by the modern Federal Government and its allies, is nothing but an intellectual sleight of hand by which they seek to further impose their agenda of balkaniza­tion and mongrelization. Their position occupies the summit of a “slippery slope,” and once the modern Fed­eral Government and its allies are forced to resort to this first responsive argument, pushing them down is not difficult.

Therefore, it is telling to note that the modern Fed­eral Government and its allies, purposely and with full knowledge of the stakes involved, refuse to fund and seek to prohibit the free and open scientific inquiry into any and all racial differences.

2b. The second responsive argument to the afore­mentioned line of reasoning is that distinct races do not exist, but distinct cultures do exist. This second responsive argument not only fails, but it also annihi­lates – with utter finality – the modern Federal Gov­ernment’s position. The modern Federal Government has aided and abetted a program of multiculturalism, the lodestar of which is intrinsically racial in nature: people not of European descent are automatically at­tributed with possessing a non-European derived culture, with which they purportedly enrich and invig­orate our societies and civilization when they arrive in our European Homelands. This assumption can only be true if there are indelible, Nature-imposed distinctions between European Descended People and non-European descended people. It is respectfully and humbly sub­mitted before Almighty Providence that no such distinctions can exist supernaturally and that there­fore the sources of these distinctions are found in the bloods of mankind, in the teleological totality of man­kinds’ existences as social animals, in their genes: in short, in their separate dimensions as distinct races.

The absolutely necessary yet furtively implicit assumption of multiculturalism is that the various Peoples of mankind carry their respective cultures with them as biological baggage; this is a tacit admis­sion that race exists. For, what is an indelible, Nature-imposed distinction between European Descended People and non-European descended people that results in their carrying their respective cultures with them as biological baggage, if it isn’t race? Here the Zionist-Jews and their allies – avaricious plutocrats; myopic, nim­bus-numbed Christians; and sanguinary non-whites – will twist, distort, and prevaricate. In short, they will do anything but concede the point, and as long as the modern Federal Government is in cahoots with them, they will carry the day. Yet, though they label said dif­ference what they will, we learned the true nature of a rose from Shakespeare.

3. European Descended People ask for a Homeland, living space, and a habitat, and we are told that the mere posing of this suggestion is an act of hate, intoler­ance, and criminality.

Non-European descended people are not only de­manding the preservation of their indigenous home­lands, living spaces, and habitats, but they are now also – as a matter of right – demanding
and taking the Homelands, living spaces, and habitats of European Descended People.

And how does the modern Federal Government re­spond? The Federal tyrants tax
us, so that they can fund Israel; thereby, we are subsidizing Israel as it undertakes projects such as its Apartheid Wall, even while our southern border is disappearing, the Mexicans are openly and brazenly advocating revanchism (e.g., Azt­lan, M.E.Ch.A & La Raza), and the sovereignty of our Blood is being eroded incessantly, porously, and per­vasively by uncontrolled non-white immigration and non-white birthrates.

The modern Federal Government uses non-white immigration to lower our wages; drive our women into the workforce; destroy our sense of belongingness and cohesiveness; dilute our voting power; degrade our environment, culture, quality of life, and civilization, thereby purposefully discouraging our People from bringing life into this world; submerge our sublime Blood in a hellish, crime ridden inferno of non-white lawlessness, riots, dislocation, envy, and barbarism – all with the final and ineluctable objective being the ge­netic extirpation of European Descended People: the closing move in a zero-sum game of racial-realpolitik.

And Judah smirks his sinister smirk and marks an­other day off his satanic calendar.

The facts thus ensuing are hereby submitted before a candid world: the above explication of the modern Federal Government’s political ideology succinctly, amply, and beyond question demonstrates that, by vir­tue of the modern Federal Government’s own policies and practices:
  • Race exists.
  • Culture is biologically associated with race.
  • The modern Federal Government is racist and has undertaken a policy of dispossessing, displacing, and ultimately extirpating European Descended People from their ancestral Homelands and from their more recently acquired living spaces.

If you can’t see the hypocrisy, it can only be because you choose not to see it, because it’s right there – in your face. All of this goes on and on and on, yet if Whites so much as assert their own existence and right to survive as a People, they’re ridiculed as “racists” and “haters” and “extremists.”

By the way, given his unabashedly ethnocentric views, Mr. Eizenstat's biography
makes for interesting reading.

14 November 2009

Big Seed to Consciousness and beyond

The Totality of Being is not random, chance interactions within matter-energy space-time, governed by the laws of physics and chemistry: it merely appears that way. And given what we know today, from the exquisite fine tuning of the cosmos (the strong force, the weak force, electromagnetism, gravity, and what may be said to be the fifth force the Vital Force) to the upward evolution of Consciousness via the laws and mediums of space-time and matter-energy, who makes more sense: Richard Dawkins or me?

There was a Big Bang that created an exquisitely bio-tuned space-time matter-energy universe from a singularity or from nothing, which was instantaneously, immanently pregnant with Reality much as the moment of conception contains within it a specific LifeForm and transcendently permeated by a Vital Force, with light acting as the ultimate carrier of information-knowledge, thus constituting a holonic Holy Hologram, thereby inducing consciousness and quantum mechanically enabling the cultivation of Divine Free Will.

A sentient, ordered, homogenous, self-conscious matter-energy space-time bio-entity can evolve via biological-life processes of Blood and Reason into a disembodied Consciousness-Spirit.


FOXP2 could prove to be a crucial part of all "higher thought"

Language gene effects explored

But among those 116 genes "tied" to the human FOXP2 gene, Dr Geschwind told BBC News, there is at least one "that is involved in the development of brain regions that are part of a critical circuit we know is important for higher cognition".

In other words, the FOXP2 gene may be more than just a "language gene". It could be involved in a number of aspects of higher thought that we attribute to humans. ...

"A large number of genetic differences distinguish the brains of these two species, not just the substitutions in FOXP2," he said.

"While a few of the genes have been linked to aspects of central nervous system development, we are still some way off from describing how differences in FOXP2 alter the properties and behaviour of neurons in the living brain."

12 November 2009

The budding field of astrobiology

The budding field of astrobiology:

Astronomers discover young galaxies giving rapid birth to stars

Astronomers have discovered that young, fertile galaxies give birth to stars such as the Sun at a “runaway” rate of up to 50 a year. They found that “stellar nurseries” within early galaxies similar to the Milky Way, produced stars far more rapidly than first thought.

Dr Mark Swinbank, an astronomer from the University of Durham, said: “The runaway effect in this galaxy suggests it is growing much faster than expected.

“Given the size of the star-forming regions, we would expect it to be forming stars at the rate of about one sun per year, but it seems to be much more active than that.

“We think this galaxy is fairly typical of galaxies at this time and we expect that the Milky Way once looked like this as it formed its first stars.

“In effect we are seeing the first generation of stars being born in a galaxy like the Milky Way. This gives unique insight into the birth of our own galaxy.”

Most of the observed stars would have eventually exploded as supernovae at the end of their lives, said the scientists. However, light from the explosions will not reach our part of the universe for billions more years.

Supernova explosions hurl debris into space which eventually forms new stars and planets.

“In this respect these stars are the seeds of future star formation in the universe,” said Dr Swinbank.

The discovery shows that ''stellar nurseries'' within early galaxies similar to our own were producing stars far more rapidly than was previously thought

And here's the Vatican's take on things:

Vatican looks to heavens for signs of alien life

VATICAN CITY — E.T. phone Rome. Four hundred years after it locked up Galileo for challenging the view that the Earth was the center of the universe, the Vatican has called in experts to study the possibility of extraterrestrial alien life and its implication for the Catholic Church."

The questions of life's origins and of whether life exists elsewhere in the universe are very suitable and deserve serious consideration," said the Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, an astronomer and director of the Vatican Observatory.

Funes, a Jesuit priest, presented the results Tuesday of a five-day conference that gathered astronomers, physicists, biologists and other experts to discuss the budding field of astrobiology — the study of the origin of life and its existence elsewhere in the cosmos. ...

"Both science and religion posit life as a special outcome of a vast and mostly inhospitable universe," he told a news conference Tuesday. "There is a rich middle ground for dialogue between the practitioners of astrobiology and those who seek to understand the meaning of our existence in a biological universe." ...

Scientists have discovered hundreds of planets outside our solar system — including 32 new ones announced recently by the European Space Agency. Impey said the discovery of alien life may be only a few years away.

"If biology is not unique to the Earth, or life elsewhere differs bio-chemically from our version, or we ever make contact with an intelligent species in the vastness of space, the implications for our self-image will be profound," he said. ...

Today top clergy, including Funes, openly endorse scientific ideas like the Big Bang theory as a reasonable explanation for the creation of the universe. The theory says the universe began billions of years ago in the explosion of a single, super-dense point that contained all matter.

Science and religion are going to converge directly on aspects of the Transudationist paradigm:
  • the "Big Bang" was in actuality a "Big Seed"
  • there is a Creator, but we do not know the identity of the Creator
  • Nature is permeated by essences and holonic teleology
  • matter evolves to Spirit via evolution
  • evolution is correct, scientific, and undeniable; evolutionism is on the other hand merely metaphysical nihilism: The emergence of consciousness/sentience from the void - and all the exquisite balancing of the forces, laws, and substances of Nature required to induce said emergence, as well as the progression of the cosmos from a minuscule singularity to today's universe - self-evidently prove this assertion
  • the multiverse hypothesis, in all its forms, does not refute the above assertions, because the multiverse hypothesis has three fatal flaws: (1) it is not falsifiable, (2) it begs the question, and (3) it violates Occam's razor. Furthermore, even if there is a multiverse, we can never know if we're microorganisms existing within a super-organism, or if life is teleologically intended to seed the other constituent universes composing the multiverse, or if the other consitutent universes composing the multiverse aren't already themselves too teeming with life processes. The multiverse hypothesis merely raises the entire issue to a higher level of abstraction; it does absolutely nothing whatsoever to answer the ultimate questions raised through rational inquiry into the nature and origin of reality
Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.

Thomas Jefferson

07 November 2009

Horse genome unlocked by science

One of Plato’s critics said: “I see particular horses, but not horseness.” Plato answered: “That is because you have eyes but no intelligence.”

To generate a high-quality genome sequence, the researchers analysed DNA from an adult female thoroughbred named Twilight.

The horse's DNA was sequenced using capillary DNA sequencing technology (known as Sanger sequencing) to reveal a genome that is roughly 2.7 billion "letters", or nucleotides, in size.

In addition to sequencing the genome of a thoroughbred horse, the researchers also examined DNA from a variety of other horse breeds.


05 November 2009

Stars & the emergence of intelligence

Indeed, sun-like stars seem to have the right balance: They are of high enough mass that they are more likely to host habitable planets, but they are of low enough mass that they live long enough for intelligent life to develop, and are not extremely scarce. Whitmire estimates that 10 percent of the Milky Way's stars might fall into the category they've outlined. This would still leave over 10 billion candidate stars in the Milky Way alone.

31 October 2009

DNA & cosmic fine-tuning: The universe as Plato's intelligible Living Creature

This is the nice allegory first used by the philosopher John Leslie to describe the situation that scientists have found in the universe after discovering that many features of our cosmos are astoundingly fine-tuned to our existence, or to the emergence and evolution of life, more generally.

Indeed, if the physical features that make up the universe had been drawn at random, the probability that they would have values allowing for life and intelligence to appear (at some point in time and space) would be ridiculously small, one in billions of billions of billions.

Many thinkers have recognised this discovery as an extremely important one, probably the most significant one at least since the discovery of the expansion of the universe.

And the evidence for such fine-tuning of the universe has been accumulating for more than a century now. But the anthropic principle (“anthropos meaning human in Greek), declaring the universe to be particularly fit for life and for humans has been around for some time.

Is this new or particularly important? Well, after the Copernican revolution, which removed Earth and humans from the central position in the universe, it came as a shock to the western elites to realise that the universe, instead of being completely oblivious to humans, was in fact particularly suited for life, consciousness, and intelligence.

Most importantly, it was no longer the old fitness argument, stating that the temperature, pressure, gravity and environment of the Earth was just right for our existence and activity; it was now a question of the very foundations of the universe, the parameters and physical laws upon which everything was built.

In short, if the characteristics of the physical universe (and by physical, one includes the chemical, the biological, the geological) had been just a little different from their actual values, not only would we not be here to wonder about them, in most cases the universe itself would not have developed its various forms, structures such as galaxies, stars and planets would not have formed, and objects and organisms would mostly not have come into existence.

24 October 2009

40 Percent of Our Political Views Have a Genetic Component

All of this leaves open the question: Which genes help create which political attitudes? Right now, we don’t know. To discover the links will require lengthy studies of the DNA of people with different political views. Scientists are having a hard time locating the specific genes that cause diseases; it will probably be much harder to find the complex array of genes that affects politics. ... Genes shape, to varying degrees, almost every aspect of human behavior. The struggle by some activists to deny or downplay that fact is worrisome. The anti-gene claim is ultimately an ill-starred effort to preserve the myth that, since the environment can explain everything, political causes that attempt to alter the environment can bring about whatever their leaders desire.

Once the Orwellian doublethink is dispensed with, the following facts become self-evident:
  • "Diversity" = replace White people with non-white people
  • "Multiculturalism" = a tacit admission that culture is biologically associated with race
  • "Immigration" = White genocide
  • "Globalization" = the annihilation of human diversity
  • "Democracy" = a ruse by which centralized tyranny seeks to obliterate ALL homogeneous, opposing centers of resistance
  • "Human rights" = a one-way road on which non-whites are privileged and empowered, while simultaneously Whites are not so much as permitted to assert their own existence
  • "Justice" = anything that furthers the vested interests of hyper-organized, moneyed elites
  • "Freedom" = a Panopticon-esque, webbed framework of thought-control and coercion
  • "Economy" = post-modern serfs toiling on behalf of their Judeo-plutocratic puppet masters
  • "Peace" = the cause used purportedly by those who wage perpetual war
  • "Independence" = the wholesale bondage and enslavement of ALL the Peoples and nations of mankind to the international Judeo-plutocracy
  • "Civil rights" = the name of the excuse given for destroying White Civilization and for waging a campaign of genocide against European Descended People
  • "Tolerance" = celebrating the demise of one's own culture, nation, and ethny
Bonus section:

Cognitive dissonance in the news:
  1. Here: President Shimon Peres told the Washington Post Saturday he believed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "came from the right, but he's no longer a rightist".
  2. Here: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, in an interview published Saturday, Palestinians needed to recognize Israel as a Jewish state in order to resolve their conflict. ... "Jews come here and Palestinians will go there. So choose. That's the basis of a solution," the Israeli prime minister said.