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24 May 2011

reality is the sprouting of Beauty

reality is the sprouting of Beauty

Perhaps Darwin didn’t per­ceive the larger, all-encompassing order – the layered, nestled, hierarchical space-time matter-energy bioelec­trical harmonic webbed nexuses of holonic planes and dimensions – in which the processes of evolution un­fold, without which evolution could not engender ever more complex life and consciousness: but for the proto-order somehow embedded in the Big Seed, blind, random evolu­tionism seems incapable of producing anything other than chaos. Evolution seems more a cosmic process, initiated by whatever entity/force begot the Big Seed; it seems undeniable that the cosmos has gradually, incrementally self-organized - from the very small to the very large, and that we are a teleologically unfolding part of that gradual, incremental, self-organized expansion.

23 May 2011

They all fear the Israel lobby

"They all fear the Israel lobby" says political analyst John Mearsheimer; "it's a quite remarkable phenomenon."

Here's Mearsheimer's quote in its entirety:
I sometimes think that at some point in the not-too-distant future, some American politicians, some prominent American politicians, are going to stand up and say "the Emperor has no clothes," and once this is out in the open and people start talking about it, that will mean real trouble for Israel, but so far that's not happened, because basically American politicians have no backbone; they're a spineless lot. They're unwilling to stand up for the American national interest, and they kowtow to Israel at every turn, because they all fear the Israel lobby; it's a quite remarkable phenomenon.
If the Israel lobby has that kind of power over such a vital area of American foreign policy, it is not unreasonable to inquire as to whether other vital foreign and/or domestic areas of American policy formulation are also, or have been, similarly affected by the Israel lobby: immigration? open borders? endless and immoral wars? racial balkanization? elitist engineered neo-feudal "globalization"? the engendering of polarized societies of super-rich and super-poor and along with it the demise of the middle class? the legitimacy of non-white identities (e.g., Black, Hispanic, and Asian) and the simultaneous taboo classification of White identity?

Since the conclusion of World War Two, the international Judeo-plutocracy has wielded extensive influence over and exercised significant control of White nation-states and Western civilization - and thereby the world at-large; sixty-six years of rot, decay, depravity, dispossession, wars of aggression, rank hypocrisy, and shameless lies later, the results are clear to see: Western civilization is heading toward an abyss, Western economies are heading toward collapse, the global environment is heading toward socio-economically destabilizing crises: in short, the planet is heading toward a meltdown. Just take a look around.

If the West is to survive, the reigning paradigm that enables the Power-Structure's "status quo" must be smashed. How it is smashed, as long as it is accomplished within humane moral and ethical constraints, is not as important as that it is smashed. Patriots of all Peoples and ethno-cultures can agree to this - and to much more too, such as the kind of world that should emerge from the decomposing wreckage of the Second World War.

Western civilization has been hijacked. Our new Overlords can't and won't turn back now. Whatever else might be said, White people of European descent - the Peoples of the West and the ethno-culture only they can create and bear - have a right to survive and go forward; this right applies equally to ALL the Peoples of mankind, including the Jewish people. Therefore, the right to survive is universal, ethical, moral, and just.

A "quite remarkable phenomenon," indeed.

Lose your fear. Free your mind.

What will the U.S. be like when Whites are no longer the majority?

A balkanized totalitarian multicultural police state.