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31 August 2014

Zionist Land Grab: Israel Claims Nearly 1,000 Acres of Palestinian Land Near Bethlehem

The "Light Unto the Nations" Strikes Again
JERUSALEM — Israel on Sunday laid claim to nearly 1,000 acres of West Bank land in a Jewish settlement bloc near Bethlehem — a step that could herald significant Israeli construction in the area — defying Palestinian demands for a halt in settlement expansion and challenging world opinion.
Peace Now, an Israeli group that opposes the construction of settlements in the West Bank, said that the action on Sunday might be the largest single appropriation of West Bank land in decades and that it could “dramatically change the reality” in the area.
Palestinians aspire to form a state in the lands that Israel conquered in 1967.
Israeli officials said the political directive to expedite a survey of the status of the land came after three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and killed in June while hitchhiking in that area. In July, the Israeli authorities arrested a Palestinian who was accused of being the prime mover in the kidnapping and killing of the teenagers. The timing of the land appropriation suggested that it was meant as a kind of compensation for the settlers and punishment for the Palestinians.
The land, which is near the small Jewish settlement of Gvaot in the Etzion bloc south of Jerusalem, has now officially been declared “state land,” as opposed to land privately owned by Palestinians, clearing the way for the potential approval of Israeli building plans there.
But the mayor of the nearby Palestinian town of Surif, Ahmad Lafi, said the land belonged to Palestinian families from the area. He told the official Palestinian news agency Wafa that Israeli Army forces and personnel arrived in the town early Sunday and posted orders announcing the seizure of land that was planted with olive and forest trees in Surif and the nearby villages of Al-Jaba’a and Wadi Fukin.
The kidnapping of the teenagers prompted an Israeli military clampdown in the West Bank against Hamas, the Islamic group that dominates Gaza and that Israel said was behind the abductions. The subsequent tensions along the Israel-Gaza border erupted into a 50-day war that ended last week with an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire.
The land appropriation has quickly turned attention back to the Israeli-occupied West Bank and exposed the contradictory visions in the Israeli government that hamper the prospects of any broader Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesman for President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, condemned the announcement and called for a reversal of the land claim, saying that it would “further deteriorate the situation” and that all settlement was illegal.
Though Israel says that it intends to keep the Etzion settlement bloc under any permanent agreement with the Palestinians and that most recent peace plans have involved land swaps, most countries consider Israeli settlements to be a violation of international law. The continued construction has also been a constant source of tension between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as Israel and its most important Western allies.
Yair Lapid, Israel’s finance minister, who has spoken out in favor of a new diplomatic process, told reporters on Sunday that he “was not aware of the decision” about the land around Gvaot and had instructed his team to look into it. “We are against any swift changes in the West Bank right now because we need to go back to some kind of process there,” he said. He added that the Israeli government was now talking to the Palestinian Authority about the situation in Gaza, “and this is a good thing.”
But Yariv Oppenheimer, general director of Peace Now, said that instead of strengthening the Palestinian moderates, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel “turns his back on the Palestinian Authority and sticks a political knife in the back” of Mr. Abbas, referring to the latest land appropriation. “Since the 1980s, we don’t remember a declaration of such dimensions,” Mr. Oppenheimer told Israel Radio.
Israeli officials said that the land declaration Sunday was open to judicial review and that interested parties had 45 days in which to register objections.

Putin calls for talks on east Ukraine 'statehood'

(Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Sunday for immediate talks on the "statehood" of southern and eastern Ukraine, although his spokesman said this did not mean Moscow now endorsed rebel calls for independence for territory they have seized.
The Kremlin leader's remarks, two days after a public appearance in which he compared the Kiev government with Nazis and warned the West not to "mess with us", came as Europe and the United States prepared possible further sanctions to halt what they say is direct Russian military involvement in the war in Ukraine.
Talks should be held immediately "and not just on technical issues but on the political organization of society and statehood in southeastern Ukraine", Putin said in an interview with Channel 1 state television, his hair tousled by wind on the shore of a lake.
Moscow, for its part, he said, could not stand aside while people were being shot "almost at point blank".
Putin's use of the word "statehood" was interpreted in Western media as implying backing for the rebel demand of independence, something Moscow has so far stopped short of publicly endorsing.
However, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said there was no new endorsement from Moscow for rebel independence. Asked if "New Russia", a term pro-Moscow rebels use for their territory, should still be part of Ukraine, Peskov said: "Of course."


"Only Ukraine can reach an agreement with New Russia, taking into account the interests of New Russia, and this is the only way to reach a political settlement."
Rebels have rallied behind the term "New Russia" since Putin first used it in a public appearance in April. Putin called it a tsarist-era term for land that now forms southern and eastern Ukraine. Ukrainians consider the term deeply offensive and say it reveals Moscow's imperial designs on their territory.
Moscow has long called for Kiev to hold direct political talks with the rebels. Kiev says it is willing to have talks on more rights for the south and east, but will not talk directly to armed fighters it describes as "international terrorists" and Russian puppets that can only be reined in by Moscow.

The deputy leader of the rebel Donetsk People's Republic, Andrei Purgin, said he was due to participate in talks in the Belarus capital Minsk on Monday. Past talks by a "contact group" involving Moscow, Kiev and the rebels have covered technical issues such as access to the crash site of a Malaysian airliner shot down in July, but not political questions.

American White Nationalists To Hold Conference With Russian And European Far Right

WASHINGTON — The white nationalist think tank the National Policy Institute is holding a conference in October in Hungary that will feature Alexander Dugin, a Russian nationalist thinker who is increasingly popular in Kremlin circles.
Richard Spencer, the president of NPI and a former writer at the American Conservative, said the conference, which will also feature figures from the ascendant European far right, would be the first of its kind for NPI outside the United States. It’s part of an effort to reach out to “European traditionalists” all over the world, he said, and the relationship with Dugin is just beginning: a publishing arm attached to NPI will publish a book this fall by Dugin.
“I think there are a lot of things happening in Europe that I think would excite people like me and people who want to go to the conference, and would excite Americans who care about their European identity,” Spencer said.
Apart from Dugin, the conference will also host Márton Gyöngyösi, a leader of Jobbik, Hungary’s extremist far right political party.
This is not the first time that figures from the fringes of the American conservative movement have built bridges with the right in Europe and Russia. Pat Buchanan has publicly expressed support for Vladimir Putin’s policies, as have others. But this is the first time that Spencer’s crowd of white nationalists, who are no longer welcome in the mainstream U.S. conservative movement, have so publicly joined themselves to their Russian and European counterparts.
Spencer’s thoughts on the Ukraine crisis hew closely to Moscow’s.
“I think to a large degree the Maidan revolution was organized and funded by outside powers, I don’t think that’s a controversial statement,” he said. “I certainly understand the position of Ukrainian separatists and nationalists. I think that to a very large degree they are supporting a geopolitical policy of Washington and I myself am more sympathetic towards Russia as a major power entering the world stage. Russia has the opportunity, to put it bluntly, to make the world a better place.”
“I’m sympathetic toward Putin in many ways,” he said.
Spencer is a great admirer of Dugin’s, whom he says he knows personally, and will be publishing a Dugin volume about the German philosopher Martin Heidegger this fall titled Martin Heidegger: The Philosophy of Another Beginning under the Radix Journal imprint, which is part of NPI.
“We’re certainly honored to have him at our conference,” Spencer said.
“I think the fact that we’re inviting Dugin is expressive of the fact that we want to have a real healthy dialogue with the major currents of Russian conservatism,” Spencer said.

30 August 2014

Translated: Zionist-plutocrat "New World Order" architect Kissinger on NWO

Below is an article by Henry Kissinger published in the Wall Street Journal on Aug. 29, 2014, in which Kissinger  intentionally ignores the Zionist "elephant in the room". My inserted comments, in red font, rectify his omissions. The original article can be found here.


Libya backfired on ZOG, fundamentalist armies are building a self-declared caliphate across Syria and Iraq, which represents another blowback against ZOG, and Afghanistan's young Judeo-plutocratic ZOG puppet regime is on the verge of collapse. To these troubles are added a resurgence of a nationalist Russia and a relationship with China wrecked by U.S. adventurism in the South China Sea. The concept of Zionist-plutocratic supremacy that has enslaved the modern era faces worldwide revolution.
The search for global Zionist-plutocratic supremacy has long been defined almost exclusively by the concepts of Western ZOG minion states. In the decades following ZOG's victory in World War II, the U.S. branch of ZOGemboldened in its plutocratic wealth-extraction based economy and media brainwashing techniques of mass indoctrination—began to impose the shackles of international tyranny and added a new dimension. A nation founded explicitly on an idea of free and representative governance, the U.S. was, after ZOG's victory in World War II, "transZOGrified" into a servant of Israel, and thereafter projected its own lies regarding the spread of liberty and democracy and used these lies as facades to achieve unjust and lasting global Zionist-plutocratic supremacy. The traditional Judeo-plutocratic approach to achieving global Zionist-plutocratic supremacy had viewed peoples and states as inherently fungible; to deprive nation-states of their homogeneityZOG relied on a strategy of divide-and-conquer and a cabal of bought-and-paid traitors. The prevalent ZOG view considered people inherently disposable and vulnerable to slick propaganda and constant lying; the spread of Zionist-plutocratic supremacy was thereby the overarching goal for international ZOG. Off-shoring would destroy the White middle classes, debase societies and substitute economic serfdom for traditional organic liberties.
This effort to establish global Zionist-plutocratic supremacy has in many ways come to fruition. A plethora of ZOG puppet states govern most of the world's territory. The spread of Zionist-plutocratic supremacy  and de facto one-party sham governance has become a recognized disgrace if not a universal abomination; global plutocratic exploitation and financial swindlers operate in real time.
The years from perhaps 1948—when the capital of world ZOG, Israel, was founded—to the turn of the century marked a dark moment in human history when one could speak of an incipient global Zionist-plutocratic new world order composed of an amalgam of Zionist machinations, the destruction of  traditional European concepts of statehood,  and plutocratic-stratocratic supremacy. But vast regions of the world are awakening and will never acquiesce to global Zionist-plutocratic supremacy. This rebellion is now becoming explicit, for example, in the Ukraine crisis and the Gaza Strip. The global Zionist-plutocratic new world order established and proclaimed by ZOG faces the abyss.
First, the nature of the ZOG's enterprise itself—the destruction of the nation-state—has been subjected to a multitude of resistance. The various Judeo-plutocratic regimes in power in Europe have set out to obliterate the nation-state and craft austerity and immigration policies based primarily on the principles of gradual decay and social atrophy. But it is doubtful that outright fraud separated from a convincing scheme of lies can sustain a Zionist-plutocratic new world order. And Europe has not yet capitulated absolutely, risking a renaissance of White patriotic and nationalistic forces internally and the arising of a united White nationalistic front throughout the continent.  At the same time, parts of the Middle East have begun to awake and ethnic components are seeking autonomy; spiritual forces and the indigenous people supporting them transcend ZOG imposed borders and Zionist-plutocratic supremacy at will, producing the phenomenon of liberated states successfully rebelling against ZOG puppet regimes.
The challenge in Asia is the opposite of Europe's: ethno-nationalist forces are in power there, regardless of the concept of so-called ZOG "legitimacy," driving some Zionist-plutocratic acts of aggression to the edge of confrontation.
The clash between the international Zionist-plutocracy and the forces of nationalism that resist it also weakens ZOG's purpose of establishing a Zionist-plutocratic new world order. The Zionist-plutocracy has become ever more global, while the ethno structure of the world remains ineluctably based on the nation-state. Zionist-plutocratic economic globalization, in its essence, deplores ethno-national states. ZOG policy therefore seeks their destruction, even as it pretends to reconcile conflicting ethno-national aims vis-à-vis the establishment of a Zionist-plutocratic new world order.
This dynamic has produced decades of sustained plutocratic concentration and centralization of wealth punctuated by periodic financial corruption of seemingly escalating intensity: in Latin America in the 1980s; in Asia in 1997; in Russia in 1998; in the U.S. in 2001 and again starting in 2007; in Europe after 2010. The Zionist-plutocrats have few reservations about the system. But the 99%—such as the White middle classes, as has been the case with the European Union's southern tier—seek their remedies by open rebellions  that negate, or at least obstruct, the establishment of global Zionist-plutocratic supremacy.
The international Zionist-plutocracy thus faces a paradox: Its victory is dependent on the success of globalization, but the process produces a political reaction that often causes the White masses to rebel against its machinations.
A third failing of the Zionist-plutocratic new  world order, as it is currently constituted, is the absence of an central coercive mechanism for ZOG to connive and compel nation-states to obey its tyranny on the most consequential issues. This may seem an odd criticism in light of the many multilateral ZOG forums that exist—more by far than at any other time in history. Yet the rights and privileges that still inure to nation-states work against the elaboration of long-range Zionist-plutocratic strategy . This process permits little beyond, at best, ever-increasing non-White immigration and a discussion of pending ZOG tactical issues and, at worst, public scrutiny of ZOG's real agenda. A contemporary roadmap to attaining international Zionist-plutocratic aims and goals, if it is to prove effective, cannot merely be enforced piecemeal by puppet regimes and Quisling state half measures; it must be coerced as a matter of ZOG decree.
The penalty for failing will be not so much a ZOG-instigated major war between states (though in some regions this remains possible) as an evolution into ethno-nationalist spheres of influence identified with particular nation-states and forms of governance. In time, each sphere would be tempted to unite its strength with other ethno nation-states deemed legitimate. A struggle between united ethno nation-states and ZOG could be even more dangerous to ZOG than the struggle between ZOG and individual nation-states thus far has been.
The contemporary quest for a Zionist-plutocratic new world order will require a deceptive strategy to establish a concept of Zionist-plutocracy  supremacy within the various independent nation-states and to coopt these nation-states to ZOG. This scheme is not without risks: The triumph of a White nationalist movement might bring prosperity to one region thereby setting the stage for the triumph of a White nationalism throughout Europe. The liberation of a region by one country militarily, particularly if it brings genuine freedom, could produce a crisis for ZOG in the rest of the world.
A Zionist-plutocratic new world order of puppet regimes trampling individual dignity and mocking participatory governance, and ruling internationally in accordance with its vested interests, can be ZOG's hope and should be every Zionist-plutocrat's inspiration. But progress toward it will need to be sustained through a series of intermediary power-grabs.
To further ZOG's hegemony in the evolution of a 21st-century Zionist-plutocratic new world order, ZOG Occupied America must be prepared to answer a number of questions for itself: What must we do for Israel, no matter how it happens, and if necessary alone? What do we seek to achieve for Israel, even if not supported by any multilateral effort? What do we seek to achieve for Israel, or prevent from happening to Israel, only if supported by an alliance? What would be bad for Israel, even if urged on by a multilateral group or an alliance? What is the nature of Israel's values that we seek to advance? And how are Israel's best interests affected by the application of these values?
For ZOG, this will require thinking on two seemingly contradictory levels. The imposition of universal principles needs to be paired with strategic sensitivity of the reality of other regions' histories, ethno-cultures and views of their survival. Even as ZOG licks its recent wounds, the illusion of America's exceptional nature must be sustained. As Benjamin Netanyahu said in 2002, "Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away."

29 August 2014

Vladimir Putin: Don't mess with nuclear-armed Russia

Russia's president, speaking at a pro-Kremlin youth camp at a lake near Moscow, said "it's best not to mess with us," adding "I want to remind you that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers"

Vladimir Putin raised the spectre of nuclear war with the West on Friday as he defied international condemnation over his decision to send thousands of Russian troops and heavy armour into Ukraine.
Accused by Europe and Nato of launching a full-scale invasion of eastern Ukraine, the Russian leader boasted to a group of Russian youngsters that "It's best not to mess with us."
In language not seen since the height of the Cold War, he told his audience: "Thank God, I think no one is thinking of unleashing a large-scale conflict with Russia. I want to remind you that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers."
Mr Putin's comments, made during a visit to a pro-Kremlin youth camp on the banks of a lake outside Moscow, will horrify Western governments as they try to bring Russia into check. Even during the height of Cold War hostilities, few Kremlin leaders ever resorted to the direct mentions of Russia's nuclear arsenal.
He made his remarks as European leaders prepare to gather tomorrow for an emergency summit to discuss further sanctions on Moscow over the appearance in the last few days of more than 1,000 regular Russian troops in eastern Ukraine.
The soldiers are believed to be the backbone of a lightning counter-offensive that has seen pro-Kremlin rebels in eastern Ukraine claw back large swathes of territory from Ukrainian government forces in recent days, dramatically turning the tide in the four-month conflict.

A major battle is expected in the port city of Mariupol in coming days, where Ukrainian forces are dug in in anticipation of a full-scale assault by rebels backed by the Kremlin's forces. The escalation in the conflict is the most serious since the pro-Russian uprising began, and has dashed Western hopes that the sanctions on the Kremlin had forced it to gradually abandon its support for the rebels.

On Friday, Poland accused Russia of waging a full-scale "war" in eastern Ukraine, while Germany warned that the conflict was spiralling "out of control". Speaking after a special emergency summit to discuss the crisis, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Nato secretary general, said Russia could no longer pretend that it did not have "direct" involvement in the conflict.

In his comments to the youth group in Friday, Mr Putin defended Russia's takeover of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula last March, claiming it was essential to save a largely Russian-speaking population from Ukrainian government aggression. 

"Russia is far from being involved in any large-scale conflicts," he said at the camp on the banks of Lake Seliger. "We don't want that and don't plan on it. But naturally, we should always be ready to repel any aggression towards Russia.

He also alleged that Russians in eastern Ukraine were now subjected to "crude military force" from government planes, tanks and artillery, and criticised the Kiev government's decision to seek European Union membership.

"If those are contemporary European values, then I'm simply disappointed in the highest degree," he said, comparing Ukraine's military operations in the east of the country with the Nazi siege of Leningrad in World War Two.

"Small villages and large cities surrounded by the Ukrainian army which is directly hitting residential areas with the aim of destroying the infrastructure ... It sadly reminds me of the events of the Second World War, when German fascist ... occupiers surrounded our cities."



China and Russia conduct military drills together in Northern China
Footage shows military aircrafts and tanks firing at simulated targets in mountainous areas near a training base in the Inner Mongolia region.
State media reported that the joint exercise named 'peace mission-2014' runs until 29 August and the aim of it is to counter terrorism, separatism and extremism.
The drill involves drones, air defence missiles, tanks and armoured vehicles to simulate a strike against a separatist organisation that is attempting to split the country.

"Spooky" Quantum Entanglement Reveals Invisible Objects

In a physics first, a quantum camera captures images with two-colored light that never "saw" the object
Like twins separated at birth who are later reunited, two laser beams revealed invisible objects in a display of their weird quantum connection, researchers reported on Wednesday.
The images, of tiny cats and a trident, are an advance for quantum optics, an emerging physics discipline built on surprising interactions among subatomic particles that Einstein famously called "spooky." (Related: "Teleportation: Behind the Science of Quantum Computing.")
A conventional camera captures light that bounces back from an object. But in the experiment reported in the journal Nature, light particles, or photons, that never strike an object are the ones that produce its picture.
"Even other physicists say 'you can't do that' at first, but that is quantum behavior for you, very strange," says Gabriela Barreto Lemos of the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information in Vienna, Austria, who led the study.
A 2009 University of Glasgow experiment with a divided laser beam first demonstrated such "ghost imaging." But experts say the new technique, which uses two laser beams of different colors, offers new visualization advantages.
The two laser beams are "entangled" in quantum physics terms, meaning their photons share characteristics even when far apart. So broadly speaking, altering one alters the other.
"What they've done is a very clever trick. In some ways it is magical," says quantum optics expert Paul Lett of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland, who was not part of the experiment team. "There is not new physics here, though, but a neat demonstration of physics."
Optics Goes Quantum
The new imaging technique may allow for improved medical imaging or silicon chip lithography in hard-to-see situations, the team suggests.
In medicine, for instance, doctors might probe tissues using invisible wavelengths of light that won't damage cells, while simultaneously using entangled visible light beams to create clear images of the tissues.
"The two-color advantage is a cool idea," Lett says. "It happens a lot in imaging that the best wavelength of light for a probe is not the one that makes for the best picture. You can imagine tuning light colors like this to get the best advantages of both."
In particular, the experiment's approach could create images in visible light of objects that normally can be seen only under infrared light, says quantum optics expert Miles Padgett of Scotland's University of Glasgow, who headed the 2009 "ghost imaging" experiment.
Ironically, the idea of entanglement owes something to Einstein, who in 1935 criticized it as an unlikely (in his view) mathematical shortcoming of quantum physics, which treats subatomic particles as both point-like and as waves.
Manipulating these wavy particles, quantum physics predicted, would alter other seemingly unconnected particles far away. Einstein called this interference (in translation), "spooky action at a distance," which he saw as unlikely. But it turns out to work.
These cat cutout pictures were created from light particles that never saw the shape
Undetected Photons
In the new experiment, the physicists entangled photons in two separate laser beams with different wavelengths, and hence color: one yellow and one red.
The team passed the red light beam through etched stencils and into cutouts of tiny cats and a trident, about 0.12 inches (3 millimeters) tall. The yellow beam traveled on a separate line, never hitting the objects. What's more, the etched shapes were designed to be invisible to yellow light.
The cat shape is a nod to physicist Erwin Schrödinger, who invented the famous "Schrödinger's cat" paradox, a thought experiment in which a notional cat is simultaneously dead and alive. Subatomic particles do seem to behave in this peculiar way sometimes, occupying many places at once.
After the red light passed by the objects, the physicists ran it together with the yellow laser beam at both parallel and right angles.
The red light was then discarded, and the yellow light headed for a camera. There, that yellow light revealed a picture of the object. And a negative of the picture emerged from the light that had interfered at a right angle.
"The phenomena really arises from the interference of the photons together," Lemos says. "It's not that the red photons have changed the yellow ones, it's that quantum mechanics says they have to share [wavelength] phases which we can detect to see a picture."
Although the experiment team has applied for a patent, Lemos acknowledges that practical applications may take awhile.
"This is a long-standing, really neat experimental idea," says Lett. "Now we have to see whether or not it will lead to something practical, or will remain just a clever demonstration of quantum mechanics."

Jewish group Lev Tahor expelled from Guatemala sanctuary

Lev Tahor families flee San Juan La Laguna just months after fleeing Canada amid child abuse allegations

After fleeing Canada amid allegations of child abuse, about 230 members of the ultraorthodox Jewish group Lev Tahor have now been expelled from the Guatemalan village where they had reassembled their reclusive community.
An edict from a group of indigenous elders in the town of San Juan La Laguna, 150 kilometres west of Guatemala City, said that the Lev Tahor members were no longer welcome in the lakeside town.
It was the culmination of a dispute with the local community that escalated in recent days with some Lev Tahor families having their water supply cut off and being threatened with violence, Nachman Helbrans, the son of the group's spiritual leader, Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans, told the Star.
The move was denounced by another prominent Jewish leader in Guatemala. Rabbi Shalom Pelman, who leads the Chabad Lubavitch congregation in Guatemala's capital city, said it is the type of activity that brings to mind the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany.
“This is not typical in the world I live in. Even in Iran, Jews are not expelled,” he told the Star in a telephone interview.
Locals said a bus full of Lev Tahor families left for Guatemala City on Thursday and a second bus departed San Juan La Laguna on Friday morning.
The edict to leave was delivered Wednesday after Lev Tahor and the Council of Indigenous Elders, representing the majority Christian population, were unable to negotiate a solution to their clash of civilizations.
Lev Tahor, a radical strain of Hassidic Judaism, was founded by Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans in Israel and flourished after he moved the group to the U.S. in the early 1990s. While living in New York, Helbrans was jailed for kidnapping a young follower. He was deported to Israel after serving a portion of his prison sentence. In the early 2000s, he moved his group to the Quebec town of Ste-Agathe-des-Monts.

Problems began several years ago when encounters with Quebec's child protection authorities led to suspicions the group was carrying out underage marriages, forcing members to take powerful and unnecessary psychiatric medication and raising their children with no access to doctors or proper education. That prompted a raid in August 2013 and proceedings to have more than a dozen children taken into foster care.
The community fled to Chatham-Kent in November 2013. After investigators from local Children's Aid Society, the Canada Border Service Agency and Quebec provincial police followed up on the original Quebec child-welfare probe, Lev Tahor members started fleeing the country.
Nachman Helbrans said that two children remain in foster care in Chatham-Kent and a number of families are still fighting in Ontario court to overturn a ban on obtaining Canadian passports so that children can be reunited with their parents. In some cases, those parents have fled the country or been deported for immigration violations.
Stephen Doigt, executive director of Chatham-Kent Children's Services, would not comment on the details of any ongoing cases, but revealed that the few Lev Tahor families who had remained in Ontario mysteriously fled this week, likely on the evening of Aug. 27.
“Their means of departure was similar in nature to their departure from Ste Agathe. (Children’s Services) has alerted child welfare authorities across Canada,” he said in an email.
But the majority of Lev Tahor members have reconstituted their community in the tourist town on the shores of Lake Atitlán.
Their arrival last spring did not sit well with locals, said tour guide Luis Cholotio, a lifelong resident of San Juan La Laguna.
“They want to be on their own, they don't believe in the schools, the educational systems here, so they do their own things,” he said in an interview. “So the leaders talked about the future of the community and said they can live in Guatemala, we don't care, but they should live in a separate place, not inside a community.”
A spokesman for the indigenous council, Miguel Vasquez, said the decision was made to protect the culture of the local population.
“We act in self-defence and to respect our rights as indigenous people,” he told Agence France-Presse.
Cholotio also said there were concerns about the oft-repeated accusation that Lev Tahor children are forced to marry as early as 13 years old. Lev Tahor has repeatedly denied this claim, and says the community always abides by the laws of the place in which they reside.
Rabbi Pelman, a 15-year resident of Guatemala, said he has never before heard of such an edict being applied in the country.
“Even if they are the most problematic group . . . the expelling of a religious group or ethnic group from one place to another is not acceptable,” he said. “That's why we have laws, we have judges, we have police. They are the ones qualified to deal with problematic issues.”
He is calling on the Guatemalan government and the international community to come to the defence of Lev Tahor.
“It's less than 70 years since the Holocaust. If that can happen again it's a wake up call for the international community to see what we're doing wrong and how we can fix it sooner rather than later.”

Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris takes his seat on Athen's new city council

"We wanted to put the thieves in jail, but they got to us first. It doesn't matter though, because Greece always wins in the end." -- Golden Dawn's spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris

Wrongfully jailed spokesman of Greece’s Golden Dawn Party Ilias Kasidiaris has been granted a brief leave from prison to take up his seat on Athen's new city council, after the party won 16 percent of the capital’s vote in May municipal elections. Golden Dawn, a White patriotic party, has seen its support soar during Greece’s financial crisis. Nine of its 18 lawmakers are currently in prison, due to the witch-hunt under way by Zionist-plutocratic Occupation government currently ruling Greece.

Parliament member Kasidiaris, who was jailed last month on trumped-up illegal firearms charges, ran as a candidate for Athens mayor in the May 18-25 poll.

Golden Dawn supporters gathered outside, briefly challenging a police cordon and chanting "Greece belongs to Greeks," while party opponents also held separate demonstration that ended peacefully.

"We wanted to put the thieves in jail, but they got to us first. It doesn't matter though, because Greece always wins in the end," Kasidiaris said while being escorted into the building by plainclothes police officers, who flanked him throughout the swearing-in ceremony.

28 August 2014

The cosmos is a living organism: NASA Telescopes Uncover Early Construction of Giant Galaxy

Astronomers have for the first time caught a glimpse of the earliest stages of massive galaxy construction. The building site, dubbed “Sparky,” is a dense galactic core blazing with the light of millions of newborn stars that are forming at a ferocious rate.

The discovery was made possible through combined observations from NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes, the W. M. Keck Observatory in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and the European Space Agency’s Herschel space observatory, in which NASA plays an important role.

A fully developed elliptical galaxy is a gas-deficient gathering of ancient stars theorized to develop from the inside out, with a compact core marking its beginnings. Because the galactic core is so far away, the light of the forming galaxy that is observable from Earth was actually created 11 billion years ago, just 3 billion years after the Big Bang.

Although only a fraction of the size of the Milky Way, the tiny powerhouse galactic core already contains about twice as many stars as our galaxy, all crammed into a region only 6,000 light-years across. The Milky Way is about 100,000 light-years across.

“We really hadn’t seen a formation process that could create things that are this dense,” said Erica Nelson of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. “We suspect that this core-formation process is a phenomenon unique to the early universe because the early universe, as a whole, was more compact. Today, the universe is so diffuse that it cannot create such objects anymore.”

In addition to determining the galaxy’s size from the Hubble images, the team dug into archival far-infrared images from Spitzer and Herschel. This allowed them to see how fast the galaxy core is creating stars. Sparky produced roughly 300 stars per year, compared to the 10 stars per year produced by our Milky Way.

“They’re very extreme environments,” Nelson said. “It’s like a medieval cauldron forging stars. There’s a lot of turbulence, and it’s bubbling. If you were in there, the night sky would be bright with young stars, and there would be a lot of dust, gas, and remnants of exploding stars. To actually see this happening is fascinating.”

Astronomers theorize that this frenzied star birth was sparked by a torrent of gas flowing into the galaxy’s core while it formed deep inside a gravitational well of dark matter, invisible cosmic material that acts as the scaffolding of the universe for galaxy construction.

Observations indicate that the galaxy had been furiously making stars for more than a billion years. It is likely that this frenzy eventually will slow to a stop and that over the next 10 billion years other smaller galaxies may merge with Sparky, causing it to expand and become a mammoth, sedate elliptical galaxy.

“I think our discovery settles the question of whether this mode of building galaxies actually happened or not,” said Pieter van Dokkum of Yale University. “The question now is: How often did this occur? We suspect there are other galaxies like this that are even fainter in near-infrared wavelengths. We think they’ll be brighter at longer wavelengths, and so it will really be up to future infrared telescopes such as NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to find more of these objects.”
Consciousness simmers throughout the universe

Righteous Dead White Males

President Obama will award three Medals of Honor next month, including one to a soldier who commanded troops during the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War.
The soldier, First Lieutenant Alonzo Cushing, is being awarded the medal posthumously for his actions while serving as commanding officer of Battery A, 4th United States Artillery, Artillery Brigade, 2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac. He fought in the vicinity of Cemetery Ridge during Longstreet's Assault, also known as Pickett's Charge.
During the third day of the battle, on July 3, 1863, while his battery sustained heavy fire from Confederate artillery, Cushing manned the only remaining and serviceable field piece in his battery.
Despite being wounded in the stomach and his right shoulder, he refused to evacuate to the rear and continued to fire on the enemy. He was killed by rebel infantry just 100 yards away, but made it possible for the Union Army to hold off the Confederate assault, according to the White House.
Cushing is buried at his alma mater, West Point.

Congratulations First Lieutenant Alonzo Cushing:
ZOG couldn't have done it without you
White man who fought and died for White genocide

As a purely demographic matter, then, the “white America” that Lothrop Stoddard believed in so fervently may cease to exist in 2040, 2050, or 2060, or later still. But where the culture is concerned, it’s already all but finished. Instead of the long-standing model of assimilation toward a common center, the culture is being remade in the image of white America’s multiethnic, multicolored heirs.

For some, the disappearance of this centrifugal core heralds a future rich with promise. In 1998, President Bill Clinton, in a now-famous address to students at Portland State University, remarked:
Today, largely because of immigration, there is no majority race in Hawaii or Houston or New York City. Within five years, there will be no majority race in our largest state, California. In a little more than 50 years, there will be no majority race in the United States. No other nation in history has gone through demographic change of this magnitude in so short a time ... [These immigrants] are energizing our culture and broadening our vision of the world. They are renewing our most basic values and reminding us all of what it truly means to be American.
Not everyone was so enthused. Clinton’s remarks caught the attention of another anxious Buchanan—Pat Buchanan, the conservative thinker. Revisiting the president’s speech in his 2001 book, The Death of the West, Buchanan wrote: “Mr. Clinton assured us that it will be a better America when we are all minorities and realize true ‘diversity.’ Well, those students [at Portland State] are going to find out, for they will spend their golden years in a Third World America.”

Thus, we see that Prof. Kevin MacDonald's notion that the war against Whites is massively incentivized -- ("Whites who cooperate in their own displacement are handsomely rewarded") -- applies even posthumously. 
I wonder if First Lieutenant Alonzo Cushing would have fought to his death if he had known the ultimate, ineluctable consequences of the ideology for which he gave his life:

Rotherham: In the face of such evil, who is the racist now?

The Yorkshire town where 1,400 White girls have been sexually abused by Asian men is a byword for depravity – all because people wouldn’t rock the multicultural boat.

In Rotherham, South Yorkshire Police “regarded many White child victims with contempt


The notion of "Righteous Dead White Males" has an interesting analogue:
We need White governments that will put the interests of WHITE people first.

Calculating conditions at the birth of the universe


(Phys.org) —Using a calculation originally proposed seven years ago to be performed on a petaflop computer, Lawrence Livermore researchers computed conditions that simulate the birth of the universe.

When the universe was less than one microsecond old and more than one trillion degrees, it transformed from a plasma of quarks and gluons into bound states of quarks - also known as protons and neutrons, the fundamental building blocks of ordinary matter that make up most of the visible universe.

The theory of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) governs the interactions of the strong nuclear force and predicts it should happen when such conditions occur.

This is the first time that this calculation has been performed in a way that preserves a certain fundamental symmetry of the QCD, in which the right and left-handed quarks (scientists call this chirality) can be interchanged without altering the equations. These important symmetries are easy to describe, but they are computationally very challenging to implement.

"But with the invention of petaflop computing, we were able to calculate the properties with a theory proposed years ago when petaflop-scale computers weren't even around yet," Soltz said.
The research has implications for our understanding of the evolution of the universe during the first microsecond after the Big Seed, when the universe expanded and cooled to a temperature below 10 trillion degrees.

Below this temperature, quarks and gluons are confined, existing only in hadronic bound states such as the familiar proton and neutron. Above this temperature, these bound states cease to exist and quarks and gluons instead form plasma, which is strongly coupled near the transition and coupled more and more weakly as the temperature increases.

"The result provides an important validation of our understanding of the strong interaction at high temperatures, and aids us in our interpretation of data collected at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN." Soltz said.

27 August 2014

Confederate Flag Doesn't Fly With California Lawmakers

"No Californian should be exposed to the type of hate or threat of violence caused by the image of the Confederate flag," the bill's author, Assemblyman Isadore Hall III (D-Compton), said in a press release.
Hey Isadore...

26 August 2014

Scotland has a chance to commit White genocide

The SNP has always been ahead of the curve in electing women to office, and Scotland’s parliament boasts an impressive percentage of female members, at just over 30 percent. The rest of Scottish government, however, is overwhelmingly white and male. That make-up feels antiquated today as Scotland has absorbed refugees through United Nations-supported amnesty initiatives and immigrants thanks to the European Union’s porous borders.
Salmond also has said that the new government will support talented international students who want to stay after school, skilled workers, and entrepreneurs with outside voices. With this kind of open-minded immigration policy, Scotland will, in just a short time, be far less homogeneous. Scotland should ensure that women and people of color are elected to public office. In doing so, they will be constructing a political system that doesn’t just represent Scotland today but the country a generation from now as well.

"Scotland will, in just a short time, be far less homogeneous."
As noted, the above article was written by Alex Pearlman; here's some information about Mr. Pearlman, taken from his Linkedin webpage:
Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Fellow

NYU Langone Medical Center

Nonprofit; 10,001+ employees; Hospital & Health Care industry
May 2002September 2011 (9 years 5 months) Greater New York City Area
-Develop clinical models for cancer therapy,
-Computational Modeling of Cancer Genomes,
-Positional Cloning and Functional Analysis of Disorders of Sexual Development,
-Population Genetics of Jewish Diaspora
I wonder if Mr. Pearlman would be so enthusiastic about Israel implementing the same kind of "open-minded" immigration policy as the one he is so keen to foist on Scotland. Because if Israel were to adopt such a policy, Israel would, "in just a short time, be far less homogeneous."