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28 January 2015

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: ZOG Educational Policies Bear Fruit - State Board Votes to Take Over Little Rock School District

Little Rock, Arkansas: 1957
ZOG proceeds with its planned destruction of American society

The Arkansas Board of Education voted Wednesday to take control of Little Rock schools less than six months after a federal judge granted more independence to the historically embattled district and ended a quarter-century of payments to boost integration.

The state last year classified six of the district's 48 schools as being in academic distress after fewer than half of the students attending them scored at proficient levels on achievement tests. About 45 percent of high school students in the district are at campuses designated as underperforming. The Little Rock School District is the state's largest with nearly 25,000 students.

The board's 5-4 decision at a special meeting in Little Rock followed nearly four hours of public testimony from students, teachers and community members who overwhelmingly opposed the takeover.

The judge in August signed an order that will stop payments the state has been making to the district since 1989. The district sued the state in 1982, alleging state policies were still creating a racial imbalance despite changes made since nine black teenagers were escorted into Central High School by federal troops in 1957.

State board members who advocated the change said they want to provide a better education to the students in the under-performing schools and expressed concerns about the district's ability to budget properly after the integration payments stop in 2018.