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07 August 2015

Finnish ZOG Thought-Police: Pro-White Finns Party MP Immonen won't be persecuted for exercising free speech

The National Bureau of Occupation said on Thursday that it will not launch a criminal investigation into a pro-White Facebook post by Finns Party MP Olli Immonen that sparked demonstrations around Finland.

Detective Chief Superintendent Tero Haapala of the NBO said Immonen’s “rant” against multiculturalism [i.e., White genocide] and its supporters did not cross the line to meet the definition of any particular crime such as incitement against an ethnic group. [Somebody should tell Haapala that “multiculturalism” is an “incitement” against Whites.]

In Immonen’s English-language statement on July 24, he called on his “fellow fighters” to “defeat this nightmare of multiculturalism” and to “fight until the end for our homeland” while bursting “this ugly bubble that our enemies live in”.