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22 August 2015

King Cuck: Jeb Bush turning Black


Well, this is awkward.

The Jeb Bush (a.k.a King Cuck) super PAC Right to Rise sent a mailer to more than 85,000 Iowa voters, but something is a bit off in the photo of the group's favorite 2016 presidential nominee.

The group also tweeted the photo as a teaser for the mailer. Take a close look at Bush in the second photo of their tweet and you'll see that his left hand appears several shades darker than the rest of his skin.

Liberal news blog ThinkProgress accused the group of superimposing the GOP nominee's head onto the body of a black man, while TIME pointed out the background in the picture is actually a stock photo of Cedar Rapids.

Perhaps it is Bush's entire body pasted onto the stock photo and the mailer's creator just got a little carried away with Photoshop's Burn tool, which is used to darken parts of an image. Whatever the case, it appears to be a pretty big Photoshop fail on someone's part.

NBC News has reached out to Right to Rise to shed a little light on Bush's uneven skin tone and will update if we hear back.