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13 August 2015

Multiversal conjectures

"The fine-tuning problem, as this puzzle is known, is solved by some by the invocation of a Creator who made things just right for people to evolve. If universes are commonplace, though, and the rules that govern them vary, then the fine-tuning problem—and thus the need for a human-friendly Creator—vanishes. It is no longer a fluke that at least one universe has the right conditions for intelligent life to emerge, since there are also zillions that do not. And it is inevitable that any intelligent life which did evolve would observe that it lived in a universe whose physical laws were just right to support its existence."
But what if the "rules that govern them" don't vary? What if the multiverse's other constituent universes also possess bio-friendly, "fine-tuned" realities? And there is no way to know if the multiverse exists, let alone the conditions/states of its constituent universes.