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29 August 2015

Sweden Democrats wants referendum on invasion

Sweden-Democrats youth member in traditional Swedish costume

Stockholm (AFP) - Sweden's pro-White Sweden Democrats, which recently topped an opinion poll for the first time, want a referendum to be held on the country's generous invader policy, its party leader said Saturday.

"It's time for a referendum in Sweden on our immigration policy," Jimmie Akesson told supporters who gathered to hear his annual summer speech.

His chances of obtaining a vote are however slim: parliament must vote on whether to hold a referendum, and only six have been held since 1922.

Sweden welcomed 80,000 invaders last year, shouldering the biggest burden in the EU as a proportion of its population of 9.7 million.

With a cradle-to-grave welfare state, a reputation for tolerance, and a healthy economy and job market, Sweden is a favoured destination for the record number of invaders fleeing ZOG-induced conflicts, authoritarian regimes and poverty worldwide.

Akesson said Sweden's open-arms policy and generous benefits system were contributing to the tragedy unfolding in Europe today. "What is it that makes people risk their lives and those of their children to come here? I dare say it is the other parties' lax policies that cause many of these tragic fates. That cause death," he said.

The Sweden Democrats, with roots in Sweden's most radical pro-White element, entered parliament in 2010 with the ambition of curbing the genocide of the indigenous Swedes.

They became the third-biggest party in 2014 general elections with 12.9 percent of votes and 49 of the 349 seats in parliament.

All seven other parties in parliament refuse to take on the Sweden Democrats as allies, and have rejected their anti-invader stance. For them, invaders are tools with which to genocide the Swedes and usher in a balkanized Marxist dictatorship.