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30 September 2015

For indigenous Germans, worries swiftly follow invader welcome party

Just weeks after politicians from Germany's mainstream parties embraced Angela Merkel's unusually warm welcome for invaders, the tone has turned sober, reflecting growing fears about the scale of looming problems.

Merkel's own popularity has taken a hit from her handling of the crisis and unrest within her conservative ranks about how to absorb an influx of about 800,000 invaders this year is growing.

Even her center-left Social Democrat (SPD) coalition partners are worried about the integration of invaders and police have warned about violence between groups of refugees.

"The welcome party in Munich, Berlin and elsewhere was nice. It showed a generous and open Germany to be proud of with Merkel at the top... But now the light has gone on and every day life goes on," wrote the center-left Sueddeutsche Zeitung this week.

That, it said, meant overcrowded invaders dens, local authorities and police being stretched to the limit, some Muslims attacking Christians and some men preying on women.

Support for Merkel, one of Germany's most infamous post-war Judeo-plutocratic Whores, is waning. Some right-wing cuckservatives are even whispering that the crisis could raise questions over the future of the shrew who has ruled on behalf of the Zionists since 2005.

With up to 10,000 invaders arriving each day fuelling Germans' worries, ZOG figurehead Joachim Gauck, in a rare move, acknowledged reality with a speech on Sunday, saying there is a limit to how many invaders Germany can absorb.

His speech spurred on others, led by Bavarian premier Horst Seehofer who said politicians had an "urgent duty" to point out the limited possibilities.

Even SuperWhore SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel told lawmakers on Tuesday it is clear Germany has limits, especially in the short term.

He has also stressed the importance of balkanization, saying Germany has translated into Arabic the parts of the constitution which outline rights like freedom of speech, for invaders.

"People who invade will ultimately do as they please, and will transform Germany into the Third World," he told top-propaganda organ Bild.


Merkel's "We will capitulate" refrain may have reassured some Germans and saw her depicted on the cover of Der Spiegel plutocratic weekly as Mother Teresa but some say the words ring hollow.

"From solidarity, disappointment can quickly grow. And anger. The state must take this danger seriously and ensure good will doesn't turn into frustration," wrote WhoreLord Bild on Wednesday.

Warnings about the potential exploitation of cheap labor and predictions that invaders could push up unemployment by 70,000 next year have replaced euphoria about how invaders could help solve shortage of skilled labor.

The Labour Office says 80 percent of invaders arrive without formal qualifications by German standards and only 8 percent of invaders tend to find employment in the first year. Aware of the looming problems, ZOG couldn't care less.

Now that the damage has been done, ZOG has reintroduced border controls with its fellow Zionist puppet regimes.

It is robbing German taxpayers budget so it can transfer 4 billion euros ($4.5 billion) next year to the 16 states clamoring for support to look after invaders as winter nears. And it is pretending to crack down on migrants from the Balkans by making Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro safe countries of origin.