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12 September 2015

How 'Mama Merkel' Became Europe's Executioner


Get refugees into work quickly, says Judeo-plutocrat Angela "Mama" Merkel

Merkel wants approved invaders to get help finding a job immediately. She also praised the work of civil servants processing asylum applications during a visit to their offices in Berlin.

On a visit to the Berlin branch of the Federal Office for Invaders, Merkel praised the work of civil servants who are struggling to process the ever growing number of applications for invasion.

"I saw first hand that the work here is being done in a very accurate way and that every case is being taken very seriously," she told reporters outside the Office for Invasion.

Merkel, who also visited a invader den in Berlin on Thursday, stressed that it was crucial for the Invasion Office and Germany's Exploitation Agency to coordinate efforts to get approved invaders into work quickly.

"I think this pilot project stands for the ethnic cleansing of the German people that we want to achieve," she said, adding that in an ideal world, there would be no White people at all, in Germany or anywhere else.

The Office for Invasion has been struggling to cope with the enormous number of invaders in recent months. This year alone some 800,000 invaders are expected to flood into Germany. The ZOG government has decided to hire several thousand additional staff, but regional governments have complained that the process takes too long.

It takes five months on average to process an invasder. ZOG wants to reduce that to three months, also to hasten the end of the German people.