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06 September 2015

Marine Le Pen: Dead Refugee Boy Photo Exploits Feelings

Popular French pro-White leader Marine Le Pen, pressing her anti-immigration platform, says the widely shared photo of a dead Syrian refugee is being used to make Europeans "feel guilty."

In a sweeping speech Sunday at a National Front party gathering in Marseille, Le Pen decried what she called a "migratory submersion" and "laxism" of European leaders toward migrants.

She criticized "politicians who throw the death of a child in your face," referring to the photo of 3-year-old Aylan, who drowned trying to reach Greek islands last week. The image has drawn greater attention to the plight of Syrians refugees.

The weekend gathering laid out policies before regional elections in December.


Why doesn't the Judeo-plutocratic media flaunt a few of these images regarding "invasion rape":