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20 October 2015

Black youths viciously attack homeless White woman - as passersby do nothing

Two black young men assaulted a down-and-out White woman – and videotaped the attack. She was knocked out in broad daylight and in a public place with people around her, minding their own business and apparently unaffected by the brutal attack.

The assault took place on October 17, in Browns Park in Atlantic City, NJ. Two young black men, one apparently in his 20s and the other looking to be around 14 or 15 years old, launch an unprovoked attack on a White homeless woman in her 40s, sitting on a bench.

The older man incites the teen to bully the woman, which the teen carries out enthusiastically. After abusing the victim, the teen suddenly inflicts a powerful blow to the woman’s temple, rendering her unconscious.

The pair made no attempt to escape, continuing to pose by the victim and taking close-ups of her face, laughing and boasting to each other about what they had just done.

Shockingly, not one of the numerous bystanders witnessing the ugly scene attempted to intervene and stop the offenders, let alone punish them. Nobody called the police and the two men left the scene unhampered – and later uploaded the sickening video to the web.

The woman, 45, was taken to an Atlantic City hospital, where she remains with a brain trauma in serious condition.

With the online video as proof, police managed to detain 25-year-old Ibn Hunter, who apparently filmed the attack. He has been charged with aggravated assault.