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23 November 2015

White genocide in Germany & Sweden

It is unusual to hear a Green politician talk about her true motives. But as Germans are becoming minorities in their own cities and the remaining Germans are weak and demoralized, it has become accepted to publicly boast about the genocide of the German people.

It's no longer a secret that the policies of the Green and Left parties lead to Germans being a minority in their own country - in fact it's one of their primary goals.

You can her her say that "no longer having an ethnic majority in German cities" is a "good thing".

German Left politician Gregor Gysi has just recently bragged how "more native Germans die than there are born" and that is "very fortunate, because the Nazis are not good at having offspring".

Dr. Steffi von Berg is a German Green member of the Hamburg "Bürgerschaft" and chairman of the school committee.


Meanwhile, in Sweden:

The Swedish people are under attack. But as increasing numbers of invaders flood into the country, White survival voices are rising. And the Sweden Democrats, a radical nationalist group, is now the third largest party in the country. Meet the young Swedes who know multiculturalism is a death-sentence to Whites - and the invaders who don't give a shit.