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03 December 2015

Mesmerizing Video Maps All of the Kepler Exoplanet Systems

In this amazing video (which will hypnotize you if you stare at it long enough), Youtube user Ethan Kruse has mapped every single multi-planet solar system discovered by Kepler so far, on the same scale as our own Solar System.

In the video, our Solar System is represented by the dashed lines, while the exoplanet systems are represented by solid lines. As of November 24, 2015, when the video was made, Kepler had found 1,705 planets in 685 systems. The size of the orbits are all to scale, although the size of the planets is not, as the entire video would be taken up by gas giants while Earth-sized planets would be nearly invisible. The planet colors are based on their temperatures at equilibrium, as shown in the legend in the video.

Of course, this map might change significantly if it turns out that half of the gas giants don't actually exist, but it sure is pretty to look at, isn't it?