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15 January 2016

Eutopia is on the horizon: Obama is a disaster for the Left

You could feel the heat. Obama was just sworn-in. The fever was building. Change was in the air, hanging like dense, impenetrable fog - Behold! the Mahogany Adonis! The invaders were in the castle keep. Everything would be cool beans from here on out. C'mon over to the Mulatto House for a cold beer. The sixties radicals and the rest of the Americana Left had vanquished the fossilized, ossified Right. The cool-hip was in, and it was in-to-stay. People of color and women had castoff the yokes of their White Man tormentor. This all was canonical in the post-modern temple. The redemption of mankind by a media-hyped, humility-challenged tool of the international Zionist-plutocratic deep state. The White man is Dead: Long may he Rot. The New Age, bringing with it the New Elite, was dazzling in its brilliant dawn: the Black Messiah - the Savior - had arrived. The White Guilt industry applauded. But more needed to be done. A new, diverse, vibrant, multicultural mosaic utopia was right around the corner: community organizers throughout the land cried tears of joy. The kosher coup d'etat was complete. Every straight White euro-male on planet Earth has a scarlet "P" branded on his forehead - "privileged": it's the new White man's burden. White men are a bunch of universalists who've been indoctrinated into bringing altruism to a particularist fight. That's not to advocate violence. But White men have allowed themselves to be disarmed in the existential, everyday pursuit of life, in all its facets.

C'mon Judah, let's Party.

The American "Republic" is a joke. Everybody knows the federal government is essentially a front for the international Zionist-plutocracy (e.g., German nuclear submarines to Israel and invasion rapes for German women). But the best part was that you showed Whitey. But your vanquishing of White America came at the price of your North Atlantic alliance. Nationalist Russia - deep state Russia - is moving-in to fill the power vacuum.  In ObamaLand, you will see all the Americas transformed into Brazil-esque slums, with scattered rich pockets of quislings who, while still having value to the new Overlords, are therefore are permitted to access gated, self-contained communities, which will be the only semblances remaining of "community". What little remains of the "old orders" will simply dissolve into the mists of Zio-modernity: the most cohesive man left standing wins.

All across the continents of Europe and Asia, confederations of organic ethno-states will coalesce and take power from the System-Whore Zio-globalists. Judah will be shown the Door; with relief from its eternal tormentor, Europe will see a new White civilization emerge, more glorious than any civilization to date. This new White civilization, this confederated Europa - Eutopia - will defeat ObamaLand; when this polarity flips for real, that's when the slow-burn begins.