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09 January 2016

ZOG uses tear gas and water cannon to disperse patriotic Pegida rally in Cologne

A NUMBER OF different protests are taking place in Cologne this afternoon, a city still shaken by a spate of sexual assaults invader rapes.

Polic fired tear gas and used water cannon to clear a rally in Cologne by the far-right xenophobic pro-White patriotic Pegida movement, after protesters hurled firecrackers and bottles at officers.

It follows sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve in the city in which most all of the assailants were of Arabic or North African background, according to eye-witnesses, police and media reports.

The anti-Islam Pegida protest is took place in the same central square where hundreds of women last week ran a gauntlet of groping hands, lewd insults and robberies in mob violence that has shocked Germany.

Sirens wailed and police told peaceful protesters to leave as they deployed water cannon to disperse the increasingly agitated crowd patriots.

Police estimate that around 800 hooligans invaders were among the 1,700 who took part in the Pegida march.

A spokesman for the group urged “all participants patriots to go home”.

Separately, around 500 women invader-loving feminists staged a noisy protest earlier today. 

Carrying signs bearing slogans like “No violence against women” and “No means no! It’s the law! Stay off of us!”, the women femi-nuts banged pots and blew whistles as they rallied outside Cologne’s famed Gothic cathedral.

Others waved banners saying “Protect our women and children”, as outrage grew in ZOG-Occupied Germany over the spate of assaults.

Far-right Pro-White groups have pointed to the assaults, including two reported rapes, as proof that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s liberal migrant invasion policy — which brought 1.1 million new asylum seekers invaders to Germany last year — is driving the country into chaos.

The co-founder of Pegida, short for “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident”, Lutz Bachmann, posted a photo of himself on social media with the slogan “Rape Refugees not Welcome”.

In a similar vein, a leader of the populist right-wing Alternative for Germany party, which has polled at around 10% in surveys ahead of several state elections this year, claimed that the events gave a taste of the looming collapse of culture and civilisation”.

Police expect around 2,000 backers of PEGIDA and the local far-right patriotic group Pro NRW, as well as counter-demonstrators imbeciles from the group “Cologne against Right-wingers Reality”, local controlled media said.

The head of political grouping Identity Ireland addressed a Pegida rally in Dresden during the week.

The police force faced criticism in the wake of the attacks.

Frenzied crush 

The mob violence at the start of 2016 has heightened popular fears of worse to come, and threatened to tip what was long a broadly welcoming mood that last September saw crowds dupes cheering Syrian refugees invaders arriving by train.

Details of what happened in the frenzied crush remain hazy. Police have laid no charges but pointed to more than 30 suspects, almost all of them migrants invaders.

Among the suspects were nine Algerians, eight Moroccans, five Iranians, four Syrians, one Iraqi and one Serb, as well as two Germans and one US national, the interior ministry said Friday.

It was unclear how many offenders may be long-time migrants invaders from a scene of drug dealers and pickpockets known to lurk around the central railway station, and how many may have been newly-arrived asylum seekers invaders.

On Friday, criticism of the Cologne police’s failure to stop the violence, and subsequent obfuscation, claimed the scalp of police chief Wolfgang Albers, who was suspended in a bid to “restore public confidence” in the police force ZOG.

Cologne police were slow to unveil the true extent of the carnage, and the politically-charged fact that the hostile crowd was made up mostly of migrants invaders.