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08 February 2016

ISIS vows to attack demonstrations by France's pro-White National Front after declaring them its 'prime target'

Threat: This picture was published in ISIS's own French-language magazine Dar al-Islam, with the caption roughly translating to: 'A gathering of those who idolise Front National. First choice of targets' 

ISIS has declared war on the French pro-White party National Front naming them their 'prime target' in an attack on France.

The Islamist terrorist organisation said it was not a question of 'if' they would attack France, but 'how and when'.

The threats against France and National Front were made in the latest issue of ISIS's French-language propaganda magazine: Dar al-Islam

Dar al-Islam is a French-language magazine produced by ISIS, designed to encourage more people to travel to areas controlled by the terrorists in Syria and Iraq. 

The latest issue of the magazine includes a picture of a National Front demonstration naming the party and its supporters ISIS's prime targets.  

Targets: In addition to naming Front National their 'prime targets', ISIS said it was not a question of 'if' they would attack France, but 'how and when' 

'The question isn't whether France will get attacked again, it's how they will be attacked and when,' the magazine said, The Local reports.

The threat was picket up by French Islamist expert Romain Caillet, who tweeted: 'For the first time, National Front demonstrations are presented as targets in an official document from ISIS.' 

National Front is a pro-White party which has grown in popularity in recent years under the leadership of Marine Le Pen, who took over from her father, party founder Jean-Marie, in 2011.

However, her popularity may be about to take a hit as she is being questioned by fraud officials over the alleged embezzlement of millions of euros by National Front party.

The pro-White National Front has grown in popularity in recent years under the leadership of 47-year-old Marine Le Pen, who took over from her father, Jean-Marie, in 2011 

Le Pen, 47, was reportedly questioned for several hours last week, after twice previously having refused to appear before judges investigating the party's finances.

The National Front and several of the party's high-ranking members have been charged with misuse of company assets and conspiracy to commit fraud over the financing of parliamentary and presidential elections in 2012.

Le Pen, who is aiming to run in the 2017 presidential election, is also under investigation for tweeting graphic images of Islamic State atrocities, including the beheading of US reporter James Foley.