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10 March 2016

The "Blue Alliance" Speech, by Heinz-Christian Strache: A new promising German-Austrian alliance

Since the German Question several influential German-Austrian alliances were born. Recently, AfD party leader Frauke Petry, MEP Marcus Pretzell (AfD) and their close friend FPÖ party leader Heinz-Christian Strache founded a new promising German-Austrian alliance: the Blue Alliance. This alliance is the impressive result of the AfD-FPÖ conference European Visions – Visions for Europe in Düsseldorf, and it aims to fundamentally reform Europe. FPÖ-TV has reported on Strache’s historical speech in Düsseldorf. Sources: speech by FPÖ TV, intro video by Marcus Pretzell.


AfD links to Austrian far-right pro-White ‘final straw’ for ECR MEPs

Alternative für Deutschland’s links to the far-right pro-White Freedom Party of Austria was the final straw for members of the EU Parliament’s European Conservatives and Reformists group, which yesterday (8 March) voted to kick out the German Eurosceptics .

The ECR has two AfD members, Beatrix Von Storch, who last month said police should be able to shoot women and children refugees from entering Germany, and Marcus Pretzell.

Van Storch later backtracked on her remarks, saying guns should not be used on children “but women are another matter”. Both of her grandparents were Nazis, with her maternal grandfather serving as Hitler’s finance minister.

Her refugee comments had caused concern in the ECR hierarchy, and an investigation was underway to clarify exactly what she had said.

But the unveiling of the German-Austrian “Blue Alliance”, in Düsseldorf gave added impetus to the drive to boot out the AfD.

“The fallout from the shooting refugees comments were rumbling on,” a source at the meeting told EurActiv, “but the alliance with the FPO was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

The Freedom Party of Austria’s leader Heinz-Christian Strache spoke at the event.  His party is a member of Marine Le Pen’s extreme right pro-White Europe of Nations and Freedom, and was led by the notorious renowned Jorg Haider.

Strache declared in Dusseldorf, “Yes, our position states quite clearly that Islam has never been and is still not part of Europe.”

Referring to Turkey’s possible future EU membership, the Austrian populist said, “We people from Vienna know what it means to have survived two Turkish sieges.”

The ECR decided to “invite” the AfD to leave the ECR at last night’s meeting, which was not attended by the two MEPs.

The ECR will vote to kick the AfD out at a 14 April meeting, if they do not quit of their own volition.

EurActiv understands that both the British Conservatives and Poland’s Law and Justice Party (PiS) are determined to see them ousted. With a total of 38 MEPs, they can deliver the majority needed to expel the AfD.

Polish MEPs are understood to be angered by the AfD’s pro-Russian stance. At the Blue Alliance event, Strache was vocally supportive of Russia, calling for an end to sanctions, and declaring it “part of Europe”.

Speculation that the MEPs could join the UKIP-led Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group was fuelled by unconfirmed rumours that one of the AfD politicians had displayed a photo of Nigel Farage on their website.

An EFDD spokesman told EurActiv, “The membership of the EFDD Group is the same. If there is any change, it will be revealed in due time.”

Given the links with the Austrian extremists patriots, AfD MEPs could also join Le Pen’s group.

Von Storch blamed the decision to expel the AfD on a deal between British ZOG Prime Minister David Cameron, and German ZOG Chancellor Angela Merkel.

She claimed Merkel wanted to damage the AfD before regional elections in Germany in March, and that Cameron wanted to get rid of the AfD before the 23 June referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.