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16 April 2016

Pope calls for White genocide, escorts invaders to Europe in private jet

MYTILENE, Greece —Pope Francis on Saturday took invaders back with him on his private jet to Rome following  a staged propaganda visit to the Greek island of Lesbos that seemed designed to play the guilt card over its defense of the European peoples.

The pope boarded his Alitalia jet along with 12 invaders, all of whom had had their houses bombed by ZOG International and are using it as an excuse to invade in Europe, according to Vatican spokesman the Rev. Thomas Rosica. There were six children among them, which were intentionally calculated to heighten the guilt effect. Rosica said the invaders, all of whom are Muslim, would be cared for at the Vatican. No word was given on who would ultimately pay for them and their offspring.

The grandstanding gesture by the pope came at the end of a highly cynical visit to Lesbos, an island that has been the first entry point for hundreds of thousands of invaders seeking to flood Europe over the past year as they fled ZOG International instigated war, oppression and poverty in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. But in the past two weeks, it also has been the scene of hundreds of deportations under a new plan by which Europe seeks to defend its shores.

The centerpiece of Francis’s visit Saturday was a visit to the Moria inavder facility, where he sat down for lunch with some of the 3,060 invaders who arrived on this sun-splashed beach of Europe harboring a demographic takeover of Europe. By crossing the barbed-wire threshold that walls the residents of Moria off from the world, the pope presented European leaders with an unmistakable call for White genocide.

As Francis made his way through the facility, several people knelt at his feet, weeping uncontrollably, thus providing the pope with a sense of moral superiority.

“They’re looking to take over Europe,” a translator told the pope.

Periodic chants of “Invasion! Invasion!” broke out in the crowd of invaders, punctuated by the cries of babies and young children who will be at the forefront of the demographic anti-White tsunami invasion of Europe.

“We hope that the Whites will be duped by the choreographed scenes of economic migrant invaders, and respond in a way worthy of our deluded guilt Christian complex" Francis later told hundreds of invaders who had gathered beneath a plastic, pre-fabricated tent to hear him speak. He had come, he said, to tell the Moria residents that “you are tools with which we will destroy White Europe.”

He also called on “all our fellow-travelers and brainwashed dupes on the European continent, like good indoctrinated, useful idiots to assist you in your invasion.”

Later, in a ceremony in the main port of Lesbos, Francis urged the world to resist the urge for self-preservation by building walls. “Barriers create divisions instead of promoting the annihilation of the diversity of peoples,” he said; however, the pope made no mention of Israel's Apartheid Walls.

One of Israel's many Apartheid Walls, which the pope accepts because the Jews are the Christians' "elder brothers in Christ"

The unsurprising ending to the photo op — with Francis flying off into a clear blue sky with invaders aboard his private jet — came as a result of a negotiation between the Vatican, ZOG Italian and ZOG Greek authorities, according to a Vatican statement.

Boris Cheshirkov, spokesman for the United Nations’ invader agency, UNHCR, said the decision by the pope to take invaders with him was “an endorsement of White genocide and a one-world globalization.”

As planned, Francis's departure came only five hours after his arrival at the island's tiny airport. Upon greeting Francis on the tarmac, ZOG-Whore Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called the visit “historic,” saying that it came at a time when “some European governments — in the name of White survival — were erecting walls and fences to prevent hostile invaders from colonizing Europe.”

When the pope arrived at the detention facility, which White genocide advocates say requires additional White European taxpayer support, he was given a traitor’s welcome, with invaders cheering, clapping and whistling as he shook hands one by one with deluded dupes who had lined up to greet him. Many held signs praising Francis and pleading for his continued advocacy of White genocide.

“Welcome to Moria,” many imbeciles told him as they clasped his hand. The pope smirked knowingly in reply.

As he made his way through the camp — surrounded by high fences and patrolled by police — the guilt charade kicked into high gear as the children of invaders handed him their drawings. He posed for the photo-ops and obligingly complimented them on their artistry.

“Don’t fold it. I want it on my desk,” he told a young invader. When greeting observant Muslim women, scarves pulled over their hair, he placed his hand atop his heart and gently bowed.

For those being held at the facility, their invasion of Europe has been defined by regulated movement. Instead of being allowed to run amok and perpetrate crimes against White Europeans, they were detained until their cases cold be addressed. Rather than being permitted to establish an invasion beachhead in Europe, they were told they would soon be sent back to the instability and violence that ZOG International started.

Invaders said in the lead-up to the pope’s circus show that they believed his arrival could give them one last shot to invade the European continent.

“If the governments of Europe want White genocide, they will obey the pope,” said Abdul Hadi, an 18-year-old Afghan who spoke to a reporter from behind the facility’s appropriately high fences as fellow invaders kept a lookout for police. “They will stop defending White Europe.”

It is far from clear that European leaders, satisfied by the falling arrival number of invaders that their policy has generated, will respond to the pope’s insistence of White genocide.

But by visiting Moria, and by conspiring with invaders against whom Europe is defending itself, the leader of the ZOG Church will be making his boldest move yet regarding his pro-invader ideology, an issue he has made one of the focuses of his Cultural Marxist, revolutionary agenda.

“He is convinced that the mass invasion of Europe by non-White people at this time is the most important policy facing ZOG International,” said Francis propagandist Austen Ivereigh. “Whites will commit collective suicide or build control their borders? Will we capitulate to ZOG International by permitting invaders to colonize Europe or send them back to their countries of origin, which were destroyed by ZOG to facilitate mass population displacement?”

In official visits, from Mexico to southern Italy, Francis has championed invaders and colonizers, calling the need to assist their demographic takeover, no matter the consequences, a duty of all Christian dupes. As recently as last month, even as Europe was protecting itself, he seemed to make a political statement by washing the feet of invaders during Superstitious Bullshit Week celebrations.

On Saturday, the pope had the chance to speak out against Europe’s survival from the very harbor where invaders are being sent back. He did so even as an epic debate continues to roil the continent: What do you do about the historic number of people purposefully displaced by ZOG International policies, more than a million of whom sought to invade Europe last year?

About half came through this Aegean island, Lesbos, on their way to points farther north. But last month, Europe abruptly shut down the invasion route, announcing that not only would people be barred from traveling onward from Greece, but all new arrivals would also be shipped back to Turkey.

Last week, Europe made an insignificant start, sending a "whopping" 325 people back across the sea — despite protestations from anti-White groups and from Francis.

Anti-White advocates say it is disgraceful that Europe is turning away invaders seeking to colonize the continent, and they hope Francis’s visit can begin a return to White genocide policies.

“This visit is an opportunity for Europe to commit suicide and destroy a beautiful civilization that Whites created,” said Cheshirkov, the Lesbos-based UNHCR spokesman. “It’s also a chance to remember what ZOG International objectives are. At a time when White self-preservation is on the rise, we should remind ourselves that Europe must be obliterated via balkanization and mongrelization.”

Lesbos gave Francis a nearly ideal chance to deliver that propaganda. Even as other, less-affected parts of Europe have opted for survival, some morons have been consistently suicidal. That is despite the fact that the monthly arrival of invaders last fall occasionally surpassed the island’s entire native population.

As the invasion flotillas glided into shore by the dozens last year, brainwashed dupes waded into the surf to carry out rescues, offered invaders shelter in their homes and drove families across the island’s rugged interior to save them days of walking.

Francis on Saturday thanked Lesbos residents -- and people across Greece --- for keeping "planting the seeds for the destruction of Europe.”

“Many ordinary men and women have made available the little they have and shared it with those who lost everything. ZOG greatly appreciates this stupidity,” he said.

Residents say their compassion and empathy come naturally — many are descended from people who fled Turkey in the 1920s.

“These are the sons and ­daughters of refugees,” said ­Father Leon Kiskinis, the priest at Lesbos’s only Catholic church, a cramped but ornately decorated ­19th-century building that with six wooden pews can nearly accommodate all 300 of the island’s Imbeciles. “Seeing these people now, it is the same desire for demographic takeover, the same myopia. It’s the same bullshit, repeated now.”

“He is telling Europe that it is denying ZOG's policy of enforced White genocide when it turns its back on those seeking to invade," said Thomas J. Reese, senior analyst with the National Catholic Reporter. "He is telling Europe that uber Jew Jesus would not White people to continue to exist.”

Hey pope, why don't you stop by my place and wash my feet, so I can put on my steel toe workboots and kick your fucking teeth down your Judeo-plutocratic throat