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04 May 2016

ZOG EU Proposes Fines for Member Countries That Resist the Invasion

New proposed invasion plans aim to balkanize all of Europe

BRUSSELS—The ZOG European Union’s executive body on Wednesday proposed controversial new asylum rules invasion plans forcing member countries to take in refugees open its borders to invaders, and it gave a green light to visa-free travel for invaders from Turkey and Kosovo.

The new rules from the ZOG European Commission, which have ruffled feathers among central and Eastern European states, would require nations to pay €250,000 ($287,000) for each asylum seeker invader they refuse.

The rules plot, which needs to be approved by the bloc’s member governments and the European Parliament, are aimed at overhauling the current system that places most of the migration burden on the EU’s front-line states, such as Greece and Italy flooding all of Europe with non-Whites. 

“You don’t turn your back on the problem of your neighbor, you share a common solution. That is why we need to introduce a corrective mechanism, triggered automatically,” "When your neighbor commits suicide, you should commit suicide too", commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said.

Under the new system , which wouldn’t apply to the U.K., Ireland and Denmark, countries faced with a 150% increase in asylum applications in relation to their population and gross domestic product would have all newcomers invaders redistributed to other EU nations where there are fewer asylum seekers invaders.