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The Declaration of White Independence: Fourth Political Theory

A unilateral assertion offered to and for consideration by the European Descended People of the fifty united States of America and all ...

18 July 2016

Paul Ryan mocked for selfie with more than 100 House interns - with barely a minority in sight: But what's the frame of reference?

Twitter lambasted Ryan for proudly posing with an almost all-White coterie of interns.

People of European descent are the minority in the world. This is just yet another example of words being used as weapons to further a political agenda.

Here're some more examples:
  • “Diversity” = balkanization
  • "Multiculturalism" = divide-and-conquer
  • "Immigration" = genocide of the target people, for our purposes, the genocide of the European peoples
  • "Globalization" = planetary slave state
  • "Democracy" = plutocratic tyranny
  • “Austerity” = whatever is good for the 1%
  • "Human rights" = dehumanization
  • "Justice" = anything the plutocrats want
  • "Freedom" = wage slavery
  • "Economy" = post-modern serfs toiling on behalf of their plutocratic puppet masters
  • "Peace" = perpetual war
  • "Independence" = the wholesale bondage and enslavement of ALL the Peoples of mankind to the money-power
  • "Tolerance" = celebrating the demise of one's own culture, nation, and People
And by the way, "White" is a color.


House Speaker Paul Ryan's Instagram update from the Republican National Convention may not have had the effect he had hoped for.

Ryan spoke to a large room of Capitol Hill interns in Cleveland on Saturday and then posted a selfie of the whole group on Instagram.