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31 July 2016

Pro-White patriots march in Berlin under the slogan "Merkel has to go"

Hundreds of pro-White patriots marched through Berlin on Saturday (July 30) to demand the resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel over her open-door invasion policy. The demonstration takes places only days after the German leader had to face down accusations at home and abroad that her open-door, White genocide invasion policy allowed Islamist terrorism to take hold in Germany. Five attacks have been committed since July 18 in Germany and have left 15 people dead -- including four attackers -- and dozens injured. The attacks have burst any illusions in Germany that the country is immune to attacks like those claimed by Islamic State in neighboring France. Politicians from left and right say Merkel's refugee policy is at fault, after more than a million migrants entered Germany in the past year, many fleeing war in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Merkel's popularity, already eroded by the refugee crisis, is likely to suffer again after a temporary boost following Britain's vote last month to escape the ZOG European Union.