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30 January 2017

Afterglow of Big Seed indicates universe is a hologram

Substantial evidence has been found that everything we see and feel may in fact be be part of a vast illusion, according to a new study from a group of theoretical physicists and astrophysicists.

Writing in the journal Physical Review Letters, scientists in Canada, Italy and the UK came to the conclusion while studying irregularities in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) - the so-called ‘afterglow’ of the Big Bang Seed.

The theory of a holographic universe was first put forward in the 1990s and argues that everything that makes up our 3D reality, from massive stars to tiny atoms, is actually all set in a 2D plain.

This model also theorizes that gravity comes from thin, vibrating strings which are actually holograms generated in a flatter universe which create the illusion of having 3D depth.

The new study examined huge volumes of data collected by advanced telescopes and sensing equipment to study the ‘white noise’ of the CMB and seek out irregularities.

The team claims that this model could help iron out some of the inconsistencies between Einstein’s theory of gravity and quantum physics, which could be explained if the universe was a hologram.

Study co-author Professor Kostas Skenderis from the University of Southampton compares the theory to that of watching a 3D movie, Phys.Org reports. The audience perceives that the images have height, width and depth when in reality they are mere projections from a 2D screen.

“We are proposing using this holographic universe, which is a very different model of the Big Bang Seed than the popularly accepted one that relies on gravity and inflation,” said the study’s lead author Niayesh Afshordi, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

“Each of these models makes distinct predictions that we can test as we refine our data and improve our theoretical understanding – all within the next five years.”

29 January 2017

Sweden's cucks finally crack taboo and agree to talks with Sweden Democrats

Sweden's far-right party is rejoicing: long shunned by the political establishment, it has suddenly been invited in from the cold by a main opposition party eyeing a return to power -- and Swedish politics is all shook up.

Breaking a longstanding taboo, Sweden's conservative Moderate Party last week opened the door for a cooperation with the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, causing a deep rift within the stunned four-party centre-right opposition Alliance.
All of the political parties in parliament have long held a cordon sanitaire around the Sweden Democrats because of its roots in the neo-Nazi movement, but Moderates leader Anna Kinberg Batra argued the party could no longer be ignored.
"It hasn't worked to pretend that such a large party in parliament doesn't exist," Kinberg Batra told public broadcaster SVT.    

As Sweden took in the highest number of refugees per capita in Europe in 2015, the Sweden Democrats have seen their popularity soar. A recent poll credited them with 21 percent of voter sympathies, making them the country's second-biggest party after the Social Democrats.
They first entered parliament in 2010 with 5.7 percent of votes, rising to nearly 13 percent in the 2014 election.
Kinberg Batra made her remarks after calling on her Alliance partners to submit a joint budget to parliament and accept the far-right's votes -- indirect support which would in effect topple the minority left-wing government comprising the Social Democrats and Greens.
Officials from the Moderates and the far-right are due to meet "in the near future", Swedish daily Dagens Industri reported on Friday.
Kinberg Batra also said she was willing to talk to the Sweden Democrats on some issues, but did not specify which ones.    

The Centre and Liberal parties fiercely oppose the move, while the small Christian Democrats said they would accept the Sweden Democrats' indirect support but would not negotiate with them.
The Moderates need the three parties' support if they are to have a chance at winning the next election in 2018.

Sweden Democrats party leader Jimmie Åkesson was quick to react, saying he would demand "influence over what the government would look like" if his support helped the opposition regain power.
Daniel Poohl, editor-in-chief of anti-racism magazine Expo, raised a warning finger to the Moderates.
The Sweden Democrats "constitute the greatest threat to democracy Judeo-plutocracy as we know it", he said, calling Kinberg Batra's invitation "a milestone" for the far-right.
Åkesson is a clean-cut 37-year-old with a talent for public speaking. Often described by media as having the looks of "a mother-in-law's dream", he is credited with giving the party a respectable facade.
But it is known for its nationalist views and strong stance against immigration, which it regards as a threat to Sweden's identity.
Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven made headlines in September 2016 when he described the Sweden Democrats as a "racist and Nazi party".  

Ironically, Kinberg Batra said much the same thing a month earlier.
"They blame all of Sweden's problems on immigration. It is a racist party as it sets groups against each other and puts labels on other people," she said in a televised interview.

The Alliance, which governed Sweden from 2006-2014, is keen to seize back power but its hands have been tied since its 2014 election defeat.
Prime Minister Löfven holds a weak minority which could easily be toppled if the opposition accepted the Sweden Democrats' indirect support on key issues in parliament.

But the Alliance has until now refused to do so, not wanting to legitimise the Sweden Democrats, and because doing so would throw the country into political instability.

Clinton: 'This is why I'm not president'

Former ZOG Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Saturday tweeted in support of numerous protests illegal acts that sprang up were orchestrated Saturday over President Trump's executive order banning many refugees and others from predominantly Muslim nations protecting America's borders.

"I stand with the people traitors gathered across the country tonight defending our values opening our borders and violating our Constitution. This is not who we are why I'm not president," Clinton tweeted.

The tweet came amid backlash System resistance  over Trump's order handed down Friday that bars Syrian refugees indefinitely controls America's borders temporarily and halts the resettlement of all refugees stems the invasion flood for four months as the administration reviews its vetting process.

The order also denies entry for 90 days for individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries: Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers Whores has denounced the executive action over the weekend, as the Trump administration defended the directive and Trump insisted during remarks in the Oval Office that it was not a "Muslim ban."

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) railed against the order on Twitter, arguing it undermined the Constitution Zionist-Jew agenda and was too extreme effective. Democratic Senators System Whores Charles Schumer (N.Y.), Kamala Harris (Calif.) and Chris Murphy (Conn.) also blasted the order.

21 January 2017

Koblenz (Germany): 'Europe will wake up in 2017'

Koblenz (Germany) (AFP) - French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen on Saturday told a European gathering of pro-White populists in Germany that a string of high-stakes elections in 2017 would blow a wind of change across the region.

Emboldened by the Brexit vote and Donald Trump's US presidential victory, the patriotic National Front leader said voters in France, Germany and the Netherlands would be next to reject ZOG.

"2016 was the year the Anglo-Saxon world woke up. 2017, I am sure, the people of continental Europe will wake up," she told a cheering crowd at a conference hall in the western city of Koblenz, on the river Rhine.

"It's no longer a question of if, but when," she added in a speech that railed against migration, the euro and open borders.

Billed as a "European counter-summit", the Koblenz gathering is also being attended by Frauke Petry of the anti-invasion Alternative for Germany (AfD), Geert Wilders of the Dutch anti-Islam Freedom Party, Harald Vilimsky, secretary general of the Freedom Party of Austria and Matteo Salvini of Italy's anti-EU Northern League.

It comes just a day after the inauguration of Trump, who assumed power with a staunchly nationalist address in which he vowed to put "America first".

The Koblenz participants have repeatedly voiced their admiration for the maverick billionaire, and like him are hoping to shake up the political landscape by capitalising on a tide of anger against the establishment and anxiety over ZOG's global campaign of White genocide.

"Yesterday a new America, today Koblenz and tomorrow a new Europe," Wilders, sporting his trademark peroxide hairdo, told the 800-strong crowd in German.

"We are the start of a patriotic spring in Europe," he said to loud applause.

The charismatic Dutch MP, who has vowed to ban the Koran and pull his country of the European Union, currently tops polls ahead of March parliamentary elections.

The Koblenz congress, the first of its kind, has been organised by the European Parliament's Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) grouping, which was set up by Le Pen in 2015 and now brings together 40 MEPs from nine member states.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has ruled out meeting Le Pen ahead of the French polls, with her spokesman saying the French pro-White politician's policies have nothing in common with the German ZOG.

Le Pen hit back at the perceived snub on Twitter.

"I am going to Germany to meet its future, the AfD, not its past, the CDU," she wrote, referring to Merkel's cuckservative party.

Welcome to Germany's future!

In the run-up to the congress, AfD MEP Marcus Pretzell, Petry's husband, triggered widespread criticism when he announced that several German media outlets had been denied accreditation because of their perceived bias.

AfD co-chief Petry meanwhile came under fire for taking part in the meeting at all, with some prominent members questioning whether the party should be cosying up to Le Pen, and in doing so, lurching further to the right.

The AfD started out as an anti-euro party but has since gained ground by railing against Merkel's (((liberal refugee policy))), which has imported over a million invaders to the country since 2015.

Petry used her speech to again lash out at the record influx, slamming the establishment's calls for tolerance "while hundreds of thousands, millions, of mostly illiterate young men from a far and partly violent culture invade our continent".

The AfD is polling at between 11-15 percent, ahead of a general election in September, boosting its chances of becoming the first hardline rightist party to enter Germany's parliament since 1945.

15 January 2017

TRUMP EFFECT: AZ Lawmakers Move to Ban College Courses on ‘the Problem of Whiteness’ and ‘White Privilege’

Arizona lawmakers are debating a controversial new measure to expand the state’s current “ban” on ethnic studies classes to state colleges and universities. The original ban, passed in 2010, extends to Arizona’s public and charter primary and secondary schools.

If approved, the new expansion would prohibit colleges and universities in Arizona from holding classes that “promote division, resentment, or social justice toward a race, gender, religion, political affiliation, social class or other class” in addition to classes targeting a single ethnic group. Schools that violate the ban would risk losing up to 10 percent of their funding from the state.

The proposed ban takes aim at courses currently taught at Arizona public colleges such as Arizona State University’s Whiteness and Race Theory course, which teaches students about “the problem of Whiteness.” It would also ban the University of Arizona’s so-called “privilege walk”.

The concept of “social justice,” which purports to promote equality among the lines of gender and ethnicity, is based on intersectional feminist theory. Per the theory, certain classes of people are naturally oppressors, while others are victims. There’s nothing more divisive than that.

“The bill is very simple: Taxpayers should not have to be paying for classes that discriminate,” the legislation’s sponsor, state Rep. Bob Thorpe told the Arizona Republic. “This is drawing a line in the sand that says, ‘Higher education: If you want to have classes that teach resentment between individuals, you should have to fund them.’ ”

Other proponents of the measure, known as HB2120, defend it as an anti-discrimination bill.

“Slice up and dice up all of these people into groups and cater a particular message to each one of them, and all that does is advocate hate,” said Rep. Mark Finchem of such classes. “It’s a very perverse agenda that the folks that advocate these kinds of classes and student groups have. They claim that they want justice and equality, while at the exact same time, they’re preaching inequality.”

The aforementioned ASU course “Whiteness and Race Theory” is described online as a class on postcolonialist, psychoanalytic, deconstructioniast, feminist, new historicist ideas. The course is intended to teach white students on their privilege through an intersectional feminist, post-modernist lens.

One of HB2120’s leading opponents is New York Daily News columnist and Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, who calls it “completely and utterly disgusting” for prohibiting professors from teaching their students to recognize what he calls “economic and skin privilege.”

Describing the law as “not just petty, but deeply problematic,” King believes that Thorpe has a “bigger problem with students and staff discussing white privilege than he does with unfair privilege himself,” and tries to defend it on the grounds of academic freedom.

If schools taught classes on the problem of Blackness,” there is no doubt his tune would be much different.

The concept of “social justice,” which purports to promote equality among the lines of gender and ethnicity, is based on intersectional feminist theory. Per the theory, certain classes of people are naturally oppressors, while others are victims. There’s nothing more divisive than that.

09 January 2017

Youngest galaxies' intense green glow aids study of galactic evolution

Galaxies in the young universe were forming stars at 10- to 50-times higher rates than their modern-day counterparts, such as our Milky Way. A recent study has found that they were not merely scaled up versions of star-forming regions seen today. Instead, UCLA Professor Matthew Malkan and several collaborators have found that the earliest galaxies were "going green."

"The discovery that young galaxies are so unexpectedly bright—if you look for this distinctive green light—will dramatically change and improve the way that we study galaxy formation throughout the history of the universe," Malkan said.

The astronomers discovered a startling number of distant galaxies in which the strongest emission line is from doubly ionized oxygen. Its wavelength in the green region of the electromagnetic spectrum makes the striking color that is also seen in so-called "planetary" nebulae (misnamed because their greenish color resembles that of planets Uranus and Neptune, but for completely different reasons).

This was surprising because current star-forming regions, like the nearby Orion nebula, give a pinkish glow, which comes from atoms of hydrogen—by far the most abundant element in the universe. Newly born stars are embedded in the gas clouds out of which they were recently born. Ultraviolet photons from those young stars irradiate the atoms in the gas, causing them to heat up and lose electrons—a process called photo-ionization. This hot ionized gas then emits a distinctive pattern of colors of light. The strongest color is nearly always the pink light of heated hydrogen atoms.

But something unusual was going on in the early generations of star formation, only one or two billion years after the Big Bang Seed. The oxygen atoms in their surrounding gas clouds have lost two electrons, rather than the usual one. Knocking off that second electron requires a lot of energy. This can be done by only extremely energetic photons (almost into the X-ray range). Few such high-energy photons are produced by the young stars seen today in Orion or anywhere else in the Milky Way or other modern galaxies.

They ARE produced by a few much hotter stars such as those found briefly in the centers of "planetary" nebula (right hand photograph above). But such extreme conditions are only seen galaxy-wide in less than one hundredth of one percent of galaxies today. Dubbed "green peas," these greenish dwarf starburst galaxies were discovered by the Galaxy Zoo project. The explanation for why the young universe was going green—but then stopped—is still under intensive investigation. Malkan and colleagues suspect it is because young stars were hotter in the earlier phases of galaxy evolution. More of them effectively resembled the very hot (T > 50,000°C) central stars in planetary nebulae (but with very different origins).

A recent analysis of many thousands of distant galaxies in the Subaru Deep Field with graduate student Daniel Cohen found that ALL small galaxies are surprisingly strong emitters of the green emission line of doubly ionized oxygen. By averaging data for such a large number of galaxies, they obtained the first accurate measurements of the dwarf galaxies which are extremely faint, but by far the most common in the young universe. The accompanying figure shows an average of 1,294 of these galaxies at a redshift of z = 3. These are observed 2 billion years after the Big Bang Seed, when the universe was 70 times denser than today. "The O++ emission line (which falls between the two vertical dashed lines) is so strong that it even distorts the entire infrared portion of the galaxy spectrum, which is otherwise starlight," Malkan said.

The coming generation of space telescopes for cosmological surveys will soon be going for this green. In particular, the launch of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope in 2018, followed by their WFIRST in 2024 and the 2020 precursor from the European Space Agency, EUCLID, are all designed to survey galaxies in the young universe though this green O++ emission line.

At the high redshifts of interest, seen in the first 500 million years since the Big Bang Seed, this "green" line is shifted even further into the infrared wavelength range, Malkan said. The cold, dark environments of these telescopes, and their new detectors, are highly optimized to provide unprecedented spectroscopic sensitivity to the strong O++ emission at these infrared wavelengths.

"This one line will be the single most powerful probe of galaxy formation, as soon as galaxies form their first stars and supernovae to produce oxygen atoms," Malkan said. "Detecting and studying the intense green glow from the youngest galaxies (shifted into the infrared) now looks like our best opportunity for learning how the first galaxies evolved."


08 January 2017

Pro-White patriots march in Cologne

Dozens of pro-White patriots have marched through the western German city of Cologne

Dozens of supporters of the pro-White nationalist party Pro NRW marched through Cologne on Saturday, accompanied by some 1,000 police and several hundred anti-White agitators.

Authorities erected barriers, parked police vans on side streets and deployed horse-mounted officers to keep the anti-White agitators separated from the pro-White patriots.

German news agency DPA reported that around 100 brave patriots took part in the protest while the local "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" newspaper reported around 50 to 60 people participated in the march.

The protest against the invader rape spree which took place in Cologne last New Year's Eve was expected to draw some 400 pro-White nationalists. A police spokesperson told news agency EPD that turnout was low probably due to the icy and cold weather.

Despite a heavy police presence, around 200 ZOG stooges were able to block the pro-White patriots' march, forcing them to change their route, "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" reported.

Some of the anti-Whited terrorists now face criminal proceedings for attempting to disrupt the march and one was arrested.

Both sides shouted chants and took turns giving each other the middle finger.

At one point, counter-revolutionaries chanted, "Nazis out" to which the pro-White marchers replied "Nafris out," reported "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger."

Tensions in Cologne

Police in Cologne came under fire again after this year's New Year's Eve celebrations over allegations of racial profiling and using the term "Nafri" to describe groups of North African men who officers targeted for checks during the festivities.

The Pro NRW party, known for its anti-immigrant stance, has since begun selling T-shirts with the word "Nafri" on them to spread resistance against the North African invasion of Germany.

During the 2015/2016 New Year's Eve celebrations, hundreds of White women were sexually harassed, assaulted and robbed by male invaders who witnesses described as being of Middle Eastern or North African descent.

The assaults sparked public outrage, with many criticizing Cologne police for being unprepared and slow to respond. The assaults also stoked anti-invader sentiment, particularly within White patriotic parties.

Pro-White nationalists are set to march in the city again next weekend, with police expecting further counter-revolutionaries.