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08 January 2017

Pro-White patriots march in Cologne

Dozens of pro-White patriots have marched through the western German city of Cologne

Dozens of supporters of the pro-White nationalist party Pro NRW marched through Cologne on Saturday, accompanied by some 1,000 police and several hundred anti-White agitators.

Authorities erected barriers, parked police vans on side streets and deployed horse-mounted officers to keep the anti-White agitators separated from the pro-White patriots.

German news agency DPA reported that around 100 brave patriots took part in the protest while the local "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" newspaper reported around 50 to 60 people participated in the march.

The protest against the invader rape spree which took place in Cologne last New Year's Eve was expected to draw some 400 pro-White nationalists. A police spokesperson told news agency EPD that turnout was low probably due to the icy and cold weather.

Despite a heavy police presence, around 200 ZOG stooges were able to block the pro-White patriots' march, forcing them to change their route, "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" reported.

Some of the anti-Whited terrorists now face criminal proceedings for attempting to disrupt the march and one was arrested.

Both sides shouted chants and took turns giving each other the middle finger.

At one point, counter-revolutionaries chanted, "Nazis out" to which the pro-White marchers replied "Nafris out," reported "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger."

Tensions in Cologne

Police in Cologne came under fire again after this year's New Year's Eve celebrations over allegations of racial profiling and using the term "Nafri" to describe groups of North African men who officers targeted for checks during the festivities.

The Pro NRW party, known for its anti-immigrant stance, has since begun selling T-shirts with the word "Nafri" on them to spread resistance against the North African invasion of Germany.

During the 2015/2016 New Year's Eve celebrations, hundreds of White women were sexually harassed, assaulted and robbed by male invaders who witnesses described as being of Middle Eastern or North African descent.

The assaults sparked public outrage, with many criticizing Cologne police for being unprepared and slow to respond. The assaults also stoked anti-invader sentiment, particularly within White patriotic parties.

Pro-White nationalists are set to march in the city again next weekend, with police expecting further counter-revolutionaries.