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On Seizing the Moral High Ground

On Seizing the Moral High Ground

It is an honor to be here with you today, to be able to speak with you about an issue that is of utmost importance: the survival of the European peoples of mankind. I thank Mr. Tony O’Neil, the Chairman of the Celtic Peoples Party of Ireland, for graciously granting me this opportunity. And I thank all of you here today, as well as those who in the future will be viewing and/or hearing this conference, via whatever medium.

Let me begin by saying that I do not mean to be presumptuous. I am an American. It is not my place to come to your country and speak to you as if I am some kind of an official authority. All I offer you is my opinion.

I shall begin by asking a question: “Who currently possesses the ‘moral high-ground?’”

I submit to you that the “Cultural Marxists” currently possess the moral high-ground. I use the term “Cultural Marxists” as a term of art; that is to say, when I use the phrase “Cultural Marxists”, I want you to please think of the following five groupings:

1. International plutocrats
2. Bought politicians
3. Militant non-Whites
4. Zionists
5. Social Justice Warrior Christians

Before proceeding further, it is necessary to flesh out and discuss these five groups, to define them, at least in part, so you will know precisely what I mean, because if we are going to win this war for the survival of our People, we need to say exactly and precisely what we mean. We must choose our words carefully.

These five groups are on the same team. They function as one unit, very much like a tag-team in a professional wrestling match: when one of them is tired or in danger, he high-fives the other, and then he steps out of the ring and the other steps into the ring, and carries on the fight.

(1): The International plutocrats. The international plutocrats only care about one thing, and only one thing: money. The plutocrats have an insatiable desire for cheap labor. The plutocrats want policies in place that will give them an endless supply of cheap labor.

A concrete example of a plutocrat is Peter Sutherland. Sutherland has a curriculum vitae that Satan would envy. Here’s a bit about his background:
  • He was the chairman of British Petroleum
  • He was non-executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International until June 2015
  • He served on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group until May 2014
  • He currently is an Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (from 2010 to the present), and he was the Chairman of the European region of the Trilateral Commission from 2001 to 2010
  • He was vice chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists from 2006–2009
  • He’s been a financial advisor to the Vatican
This guy’s got all the bases covered.

On June 21, 2012, the BBC news published an online article with the following title:

The BBC article refers to Peter Sutherland. Here is the sum and substance of what Sutherland says in the BBC article:
  • “…the European Union…should be doing its best to undermine” any “sense of [Europeans’] homogeneity and difference from others”.
This was in 2012, and now, here we are, in 2015. Europe is being invaded by waves of people that will undermine the homogeneity of her constituent nations, and provide abundant cheap labor to the plutocrats.

And how is it possible that Europe would permit itself to be invaded by cheap labor, by a massive influx of people that threatens its very existence – as Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has so rightfully pointed out. The answer to this question is the second grouping mentioned previously – the bought politicians.

(2): The bought politicians. The bought politicians open the borders to cheap labor on behalf of the plutocrats, because it’s cheaper to open the borders to cheap labor than it is to pay a decent wage to native Europeans so they can afford to have children.

The communist Alexis Tsipras and his cronies in Greece are well-fed, well clothed, and well-housed, but it is the Greek people who suffer from the plutocratic policy of so-called “austerity”. As an aside, “austerity” is a scam to benefit the 1% at the expense of common women and men. The banksters rake in fortunes while the people starve and freeze.

When the international plutocrats want cheap labor, they look to their tag-team partners: the bought politicians. So when the traitorous cast of collaborators, creatures like Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, and Tsipras, talk about the humanitarian welcoming of refugees into Europe, what they really are doing is the bidding of the plutocrats, i.e., they are flooding Europe with cheap labor, for the benefit of their plutocratic bosses.

This relationship between the plutocrats and the bought politicians is an example of “political symbiosis” – specifically “mutualism”: the plutocrats gain by the importation of refugee cheap labor, and the bought politicians gain by the importation of refugee cheap votes.

It was recently in the news how, as the influxes of people poured into Germany, one of the first things Merkel did was to get the newly arrived “refugees” registered for employment. That however, will not work out, because these “refugees” have no skills, not by European standards at any rate.

Yet “Mama” Merkel, or as Der Spiegel recently referred to her on its front cover – “Mutter Angela” – has the gall to pose as a humanitarian. Let me ask you: What kind of “humanitarian” adopts a policy that will do nothing but exacerbate the suffering of people? Because this influx will never end.

The people who remain behind in their native lands will continue to suffer, and those who come to Europe will not integrate, and Germany, and all of Europe, will be destroyed.

But Merkel doesn’t care. As long as Merkel gets good press, cheap votes, and well-greased palms, and the plutocrats get cheap labor, Merkel is happy. She wins. The plutocrats win. But the European peoples lose.

Putin has said as much when he laid the blame for the refugee crisis squarely on the foreign policy of the United States, and Kaddafi, before the U.S. took him out, predicted the “refugee” crisis.

But here’s the essential point: Peter Sutherland and his ilk want the refugee crisis. They actually want the suffering and the disruption and the dislocation and the human tragedy, because it furthers their Agenda of a one-world plutocratic police state.

The plutocrats, in their sick, pathological, ravenous lust for profit, desire the elimination of borders, the destruction of human diversity, the annihilation of nation-states, and the creation of a planetary plantation populated by soulless serfs and deracinated wage slaves.

Let me tell you: Merkel and the rest of the criminal Overlords occupying Europe don’t give a damn about the Black man, the Yellow man, the Red man, the Brown man, or the White man: the bought politicians only care about the Green man: i.e., they only care about the plutocrats, because it’s the plutocrats who call shots: the bought politicians are just there to act as buffers and to cash-in on the perks of office, to give the common person the illusion that she or he has a choice. But rest assured: you have no choice.

It’s also interesting how the plutocrats and their bought politicians abuse language. Their Orwellian abuse of words dovetails beautifully with their anti-White agenda. Here a just a few colorful examples:
  • “Diversity” = balkanization
  • "Multiculturalism" = divide-and-conquer
  • "Immigration" = genocide of the target people, for our purposes, the genocide of the European peoples
  • "Globalization" = planetary slave state
  • "Democracy" = plutocratic tyranny
  • “Austerity” = whatever is good for the 1%
  • "Human rights" = dehumanization
  • "Justice" = anything the plutocrats want
  • "Freedom" = wage slavery
  • "Economy" = post-modern serfs toiling on behalf of their plutocratic puppet masters
  • "Peace" = perpetual war
  • "Independence" = the wholesale bondage and enslavement of ALL the Peoples of mankind to the money-power
  • "Tolerance" = celebrating the demise of one's own culture, nation, and People
This twisted abuse of language brings us to the third grouping mentioned previously – the militant non-Whites.

(3): The militant non-Whites. At the outset, let me state, for the record: Most non-White people are innocent bystanders to all the things that are being discussed here today. They want to go to work, raise their families, go about their lives, and live in peace. They are innocent people.

They have done nothing wrong. It is immoral to hate, harm, or persecute any person on account of any indelible characteristic whatsoever. Recall the title of this speech: “On Seizing the Moral High Ground.”

I believe it is self-evidently true that it is morally wrong to hate, harm, or persecute anyone simply because of what a person is. Along with my belief, there is a secondary, far less important reason not to do so: the second you advocate hating, harming, or persecuting anyone simply because of what a person is – poof! – you cede the moral high ground.

I’ll take it even a step further; I believe that it is always wrong to harm any sentient being, with two possible exceptions: (1) self-defense, and (2) defense-of-others.

With this understanding firmly in mind, we can briefly discuss the militant non-Whites. But there’s really not much to say, because the militant non-Whites are simply riding the coattails of the plutocrats and the plutocrats’ bought politicians. The militant non-Whites are able to do what they do because they are funded, promoted, protected, and encouraged by the nation-wreckers.

They’re the tools, the shock troops, that the plutocrats use to breakdown a People, to turn a homogeneous nation-state into a fractured, divided, defenseless mass of wage slaves and uprooted serfs, with no identity or meaning, with no ability to resist their dispossession and their enslavement to the global plutocracy.

The mentioning of dispossession and enslavement to the global plutocracy is an opportune segue to address the fourth grouping mentioned previously – the Zionists.

(4): The Zionists. Let this fact be noted: No group of people that has, for decades, supported a cruel occupation, that has, for decades, made excuses justifying an ongoing campaign of genocide, no such group of people has the moral standing to lecture anyone about anything. Quite the contrary, it is our place to lecture them.

(5): The SJW Christians. I use the term “social justice warrior Christians” as a euphemism for Western Christianity. The current pope, Pope Francis, is the epitome of the SJW Christian. Just a few weeks ago, Pope Francis was in the United States, preaching open borders and encouraging the ongoing invasion of North America.

And I think we all know Pope Francis advocates the ongoing “refugee” invasion of Europe. But rather than critique the Pope, and lambaste him for being a fellow-traveler with the plutocrats and their bought politicians, I will instead recite to you the words of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, taken from his 1970 Nobel Lecture in Literature:
“In recent times it has been fashionable to talk of the leveling of nations, of the disappearance of different races in the melting-pot of contemporary civilization. I do not agree with this opinion, but its discussion remains another question. Here it is merely fitting to say that the disappearance of nations would have impoverished us no less than if all men had become alike, with one personality and one face. Nations are the wealth of mankind, its collective personalities; the very least of them wears its own special colours and bears within itself a special facet of divine intention.”
Whereas, Solzhenitsyn speaks the simple truth – however unpopular it might be with the plutocrats, their bought politicians, the militant non-Whites, the Zionists, and the Christian Social Justice Warriors – Pope Francis openly advocates the destruction of ALL the Peoples of mankind, because the annihilation of human diversity is exactly what the Pope’s logic leads to.

Pope Francis calls for the death of human diversity, and does it with a smile on his face and a gleam in his eyes. And he gets away with it. No one calls him on it? And why?

Because the SJW Christians possess the moral high ground.

Netanyahu, along with perpetuating the ongoing brutal occupation of the Palestinians, has announced that Israel will accept no refugees. And he gets away with it. And why?

Because the Zionists possess the moral high ground.

The plutocrats are destroying this planet with their greed and their avarice, but they mask their lust for cheap labor and environmental devastation in the rhetoric of “humanitarianism”. They export their industries to nations devoid of environmental regulations, and they turn peasants stripped of their lands into wage slaves. And they get away with it. And why?

Because the plutocrats possess the moral high ground.

The militant non-Whites call for policies that can only end in the genocide of the European peoples of the world. And as they advocate for the death of our People, they have the unmitigated audacity to pose as paragons of morality. And they get away with it. And why?

Because the militant non-Whites possess the moral high ground.

Bought politicians such as “Mama” Merkel and her fellow plutocratic Whoremasters sell out the blood of our ancestors, and the future of our children, our Destiny in the stars, for good press, cheap votes, and a few pieces of silver. And they get away with it. And why?

Because the bought politicians possess the moral high ground.

So, I hope that you now have a clear understanding of my opinion as to who currently possesses the moral high ground.

Shortly, I will address a second question, equally important: “How did the SJW Christians, the Zionists, the plutocrats, the militant non-whites, and the bought politicians come to possess the ‘moral high ground?’”

But before I proceed to address this question, please allow me to first provide some necessary background information required to understand the answer I will offer.

How is it that we have come to this point in history, where the fate of life on this planet lies in the hands of a coterie of utterly corrupt, degenerate plutocrats and their bought politicians?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in a war not only for the survival of our People, but for the survival of life itself. These are the stakes. But this war is unlike that of any other. In this war, there are no bombs or bullets, no missiles or armies, no guns or guillotines.

This is the ultimate war, the final war: it is the War on Spirit. We have the good fortune of representing Spirit, and I will explain why later in this speech. But the fact that we represent Spirit is why we have no choice but to take the high road, because only the high road leads to the moral high ground, which is what we must seize.

The War on Spirit is today raging everywhere on this planet, and it is a war the outcome of which will determine the fate of mankind and, indeed, of ALL life on Earth; it is a war that touches upon every aspect and dimension of what it means to be a human being, to be a living, sentient, conscious being, having a past, a present, and a future.

You might not have heard of this war, or thought much about it if at all – and there is a reason for this: the mass media function like a planetary Platonic cave, and as Noam Chomsky has noted, the mass media have been morphed into mechanisms for manufacturing consent – and the controlled-corporate plutocratic media have a vested interest in not publicizing the War on Spirit.

The War on Spirit is an organized, elite-driven assault on the ALL Peoples of mankind - their respective freedoms, environments, homelands, cultures, belief systems, dignity, and independence. Economistic mechanism-materialism is at war with organic vitalism-spiritualism: Mammon is at war with Beauty; every other struggle is a subset of this existential battle.

This conflict rages and grows more severe and pronounced, even as ever more elite-engineered divide-and-conquer balkanization (i.e., "multiculturalism" and "diversity") is promoted by the international tyrants in the global plutocracy.

The War on Spirit has been with us for a very long time. Indeed, once the medium of exchange became fungible (e.g., in the form of money), it was inevitable that economic materialism would embark on a quest to transform the world in its image: humans must become fungible; religions must become universal; everything must succumb to and be subsumed by Mammon – and anything standing in the way of commerce must be plowed under and remade in the image of a rootless, anomic, race-less, ahistorical consumer society.

Ancient conceptions of the sacred and mystical have indeed atrophied, and this process of atrophic decay has been a tragedy for ALL the Peoples of mankind: the conception that mankind are composed of tribes and races, within a harmonic, organic, holonic totality, is infinitely preferable to post-modern ennui and soullessness.

Abstract concepts can be deadly, particularly if they divorce consciousness from reality. Mankind need a new paradigm, a fresh, life-affirming perspective to perceive the cosmos – i.e., visible Creation. The old dogmas and blinders must crumble and give way: it is necessary to rethink the meaning of the sacred.

Once the medium of exchange became liberated from use-value, i.e., when the medium of exchange became fungible in the form of money, economic materialism declared war on spirituality, organic life- harmony, and the old values of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

The money-power of economic materialism would, slowly but surely, expand, grow, and consolidate itself. Gradually it would eat away at the organic orders, the aristocratic values, and the supernal systems of thought – the very consciousness – of Western man, as well as the respective consciousnesses of ALL the Peoples of mankind.

Eventually, ideologies and paradigms such as Darwinism, Marxism, Freudianism, etc., were developed and promoted, and these new "isms," all these new paradigms and worldviews, all seemed somehow to always have as their as their target the conception of mankind as composed of organic, holonic Peoples and ethno-cultures.

The development of fungible, abstract, detached exchange-value (e.g., consider Aristotle's discussion of commodities, money, barter, usury, exchange-value, and use-value) helped to unleash the forces of economic materialism, and as we witness the course of history, we can see an ongoing world historical struggle taking place, and this titanic clash – which is not yet over – is being waged between Vitalism and Mechanism, between spiritualism and materialism, between particularism and universalism, between soil and profit, between blood and commerce – in short, between Beauty and Mammon.

Marxism fetishizes the economic dimension of this struggle and transforms it into the struggle: the struggle to end all struggles. Yet, Marxism is built on lies – lies about everything, from the nature of man to the meaning and purpose of human existence. In this struggle, Mammon-capitalism is allied with radical egalitarianism, i.e., it has institutionalized the lie of human fungibility – and to disagree with totalitarian human fungibility is to be a heretic.

Step by step – as we see with Peter Sutherland, the global plutocracy, and the so-called “refugee crisis” – the international plutocracy has moved to transform homogeneous, sovereign nation-states into globalized, neo-feudal, balkanized, standing-reserve cash cows, to better service the needs and hegemonic objectives of world Zionism and plutocratic international finance.

Today, materialistic Mammon-capitalism is destroying our planet; indeed, the inner depravity and disharmony of Mammon-capitalism is manifesting itself in the ultimate System crisis: the end of growth, i.e., the point at which the pathologies of Mammon-capitalism, commodification and mass consumption, smash into the wall of reality.

Let us now return to the question: “How did the SJW Christians, the Zionists, the plutocrats, the militant non-whites, and the bought politicians come to possess the ‘moral high ground?’”

One reason is the work of Karl Marx. Another reason is the thought of Charles Darwin.

Marx employed noble sentiment, revolutionary ideas, beautifully crafted rhetoric, a seductive ideology, and synthesized his creation into an enormous yet cohesive body of work that appealed to a vast number of disenfranchised or otherwise dissatisfied people. These disenfranchised people evolved into today’s Cultural Marxists. They are the children of Marx.

Among the most well-known lines from the Communist Manifesto is the following:

"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.”

With this one sentence, Marx sets the tone for his materialist conception of history. And when you take Marx’s agenda and strip away any sense of the transcendent, and instead perceive reality through the prism of materialism, you get modernity – the world in which we today exist.

Our science, much of our culture, our economics, our values, and the very air we breathe: we are immersed in a reality in which the doctrine of materialism is accepted as unquestionable fact. This is no accident. This is Marx’s true, lasting revolution.

This materialist outlook extends to every conceivable thing, from the subatomic to the cosmic. Materialist science tells us that ultimately existence is merely matter in motion, that there is no profound reason, deeper purpose, numinous meaning, and no supernal causation – to anything.

The universe is according to materialism the result of an unguided expansion called the “Big Bang”. We are as so many billiard balls colliding into so many other billiard balls. There is material causation, and that is all there is – period.

This materialist paradigm has dire consequences for ALL the peoples of mankind. Take the case of the European peoples; consider for example the ongoing “refugee” crisis. Peter Sutherland, Satan’s right-hand man, looks at a human being and sees fungible cheap labor, equally interchangeable economic units of production and consumption.

Identity, soul, Spirit, Blood, soil: Sutherland is blind to these qualities. And if Sutherland is right, then, yes: Why not open the borders? Why not eliminate nation-states? Why not transform the world into one giant market place, where the highest aspiration is profit maximization? Why not wipe out the diversity of the peoples of mankind?

But what if Marx‘s materialist conception of history is wrong? What if Aristotle’s position regarding formal, efficient, and final causes is correct? What if Plato is correct about the soul surviving the death of the body?

Another exemplar of materialism, Charles Darwin, wrote On the Origin of Species. But what Darwin did not do, however, is copyright reality. Darwin recognized that change occurs over time, and he saw nature's incrementalism from the perspective of methodological naturalism.

But is methodological naturalism the only perspective from which to view nature's incrementalism? The emergence of life, sentience, and consciousness, the bio-friendly laws and forces of nature – as well as the progression of the cosmos from the Big Bang’s seed-like singularity to today's visible universe – suggest that perhaps nature's incrementalism actually is goal-based teleology, i.e., Aristotle’s notion of final causation, specifically Consciousness/Spirit. This would help explain why, in Aristotle's teleology, thinking is godlike: abstract contemplation is the highest end.

Materialists view the cosmos as a mechanical device, e.g., as a watch or a machine. But it is possible the cosmos is more akin to a living organism (or perhaps to a living "multiverse" super-organism). After all, what is the multiverse – if it exists – but self-replication on the grandest scale?

Again, what if materialism is wrong? What if the Big Bang was not an unguided expansion of space-time matter-energy? What if, instead, the Big Bang was an ordered expansion of space-time matter-energy: i.e., what if the Big Bang was an event analogous to a "seed" "sprouting". And as to who or what is ultimately responsible for this “Big Seed”, there is of course no way for us to know, but Aristotle's notion of the unmoved Mover is nevertheless certainly a sound hypothesis.

The materialists, that is to say, the Cultural Marxists, are free to continue adhering to an atheistic-materialistic-evolutionist paradigm.

But we are equally free to begin adhering to a theistic-spiritualistic-teleological paradigm. And by so doing, we take possession of the moral high ground. And not because adhering to a theistic-spiritualistic-teleological paradigm is thereby expedient, but because it is the soundest position to which to adhere.

And it is important to note the following distinction: evolution, understood as change over time and common ancestry, is of course is true, scientific, and undeniable. Evolutionism, on the other hand, is the philosophy of nihilism, that the material is all there is: evolutionism is therefore nothing more than atheist metaphysics.

It is undeniable that the cosmos has gradually, incrementally, spontaneously self-organized – from the very small to the very large – and that the peoples of mankind are teleologically unfolding parts of this gradual, spontaneous, incremental, self-organized expansion.

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow patriots:

The old world is dying.

A new world is being born. But what kind of world will it be?

To answer this question, we must comprehend that we stand today at a critical juncture in history – at a world historical fork-in-the-road.

It is our decision to make. It is up to our generation to choose in which direction the world goes. The path our generation chooses, right now, today, will determine the kind of planet our children will live on, and whether the blood of our ancestors has been spilt in vain.

And what are these two paths?

One of them leads ineluctably to a hellhole characterized by ecological devastation, the eradication of national borders, overpopulation, scarcity, perpetual internecine warfare, exploitation, tyranny, species extinction, and the death of Beauty. It is a world in which Mammon is victorious. This is the world of global plutocracy, in which we are all – ALL of us - regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, or religion, reduced to wage slaves: neo-feudal serfs imprisoned on a planetary plutocratic plantation.

The other path leads to the stars, to immortality.

To truly explain the choice that lies before us, I turn again to the words of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, taken from his lecture entitled “A World Split Apart”, delivered at Harvard Class Day Afternoon Exercises on Thursday, June 8, 1978:
“Even if we are spared destruction by war, our lives will have to change if we want to save life from self-destruction. We cannot avoid revising the fundamental definitions of human life and human society. Is it true that man is above everything? Is there no Superior Spirit above him? Is it right that man's life and society's activities have to be determined by material expansion in the first place? Is it permissible to promote such expansion to the detriment of our spiritual integrity?
“If the world has not come to its end, it has approached a major turn in history, equal in importance to the turn from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. It will exact from us a spiritual upsurge, we shall have to rise to a new height of vision, to a new level of life where our physical nature will not be cursed as in the Middle Ages, but, even more importantly, our spiritual being will not be trampled upon as in the Modern era.
“This ascension will be similar to climbing onto the next anthropologic stage. No one on earth has any other way left but – upward.”
So I say to you, my fellow patriots – and to ALL people of good will, regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, or religion – now is the opportune moment for decisive action. This is the world historical moment for the European Peoples, and ALL the peoples of mankind, at long last, to lift our heads and proclaim to the forces of international plutocratic tyranny: enough is enough. Freedom!

Thank you very much.


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