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The Declaration of White Independence: Fourth Political Theory

A unilateral assertion offered to and for consideration by the European Descended People of the fifty united States of America and all ...

04 July 2008


The modern Federal Government has refused to fund or otherwise enable all manners of public administration and weal; accordingly, it has furthered its malignant designs by stipulating that the national purse shall not open for those incompliant with its schemes and complots of balkanization and coerced anomie. The Federal tyrants have wielded their tax and spend powers so as to impose upon our People a policy of enforced indoctrination into the modern Federal Government’s specious ideology, said specious ideology being demonstrated as internally contradictory and illogical by consideration of the following three contentions:

1. The modern Federal Government forces “racial diversity” – even at the point of a bayonet – upon European Descended People, yet when European Descended People resist its perfidious tyranny, the modern Federal Government simultaneously proclaims that mankind are all the same, that there are no such entities as “races,” and that there is only the “human race.” In other words, the modern Federal Government asserts concurrently that mankind are all the same, yet each belongs to its own biological subset – that there are subsets of humanity that differ from one another, but there are no subsets of humanity that differ from one another.

Yet, if race does not exist and if we are all the same, then there is no “diversity” to begin with; therefore, to enforce a policy that has diversity as its linchpin is sheer madness that requires no refutation.

So, we see that when the best interests of non-European descended people are at issue, RACE EXISTS and must be taken into account, by force if necessary, in all facets of life and to whatever degree can be attained, yet when the best interests of European Descended People are at issue, RACE DOES NOT EXIST and “we” are all the same, and to claim otherwise is not only an act of “hate” and indicative of a mental disease or defect, but it shall soon be criminal, too.

Either distinct subsets of humanity exist or they do not. The modern Federal Government has implicitly and explicitly, with crystalline clarity, resolved that diverse subsets of humanity do exist. Its logic is inextricably wedded to this proposition, and simply issuing an edict and dropping a gavel cannot now serve to recant its reasoning. The modern Federal Government now has “diversity” as a goal in and of itself, without consideration for remedying alleged past injustices or discrimination: so, prior discrimination no longer serves as a classification of those who benefit from diversity’s corollary privileges, e.g., affirmative action – only race is left to supply this distinction. That the modern Federal Government speaks from both sides of its mouth is simply additional documentation that it is captive to the following five forces: the Jewish-Zionists’ ethno-stratagem of dividing and conquering; the plutocrats’ addiction to cheap, docile labor; the bought-politicians’ racket of vitiated votes through open borders; the Christians’ surreal universalism; and the “minority” special interest groups. It is transparently obvious that the modern Federal Government’s duplicity, cowardice, and venality know no bounds. If you have never grasped the true significance of the Orwellian oxymoron: “Equal Opportunity/Affirmative-Action Employer,” you do now, and when you add: “People of Color, Women, and Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual People are Encouraged to Apply,” you can begin to perceive the twisted dishonesty inherent in the System.

2a. The first responsive argument to the above line of reasoning proceeds as follows: “‘Race’ exists, but only in the form of superficial differences, e.g., eye color, hair texture, skin pigmentation, external facial features, and other external and internal physical characteristics, etc.” This responsive argument is usually the Bastards’ first line of defense; moreover, it is further proof that the ideology of the modern Federal Government and its allies is specious and cannot withstand the application of logic.

For, if race affects everything we CAN see, then how is it proper to so flippantly dismiss the possibility that race affects everything we CAN’T see? And, indeed, the evidence is overwhelming that race is more than skin deep, but instead cuts straight to the bone and continues on to the soul: how one acts, how one thinks, the respective cultures and civilizations that are created by the separate races, personality characteristics, the demeanor – and the very thought processes – one possesses, to say nothing of other internal physiological differences.

So, the “superficial differences” argument, advocated by the modern Federal Government and its allies, is nothing but an intellectual sleight of hand by which they seek to further impose their agenda of balkanization and mongrelization. Their position occupies the summit of a “slippery-slope,” and once the modern Federal Government and its allies are forced to resort to this first responsive argument, pushing them down is not difficult.

Therefore, it is telling to note that the modern Federal Government and its allies, purposely and with full knowledge of the stakes involved, refuse to fund and seek to prohibit the free and open scientific inquiry into any and all racial differences.

2b. The second responsive argument to the aforementioned line of reasoning is that distinct races do not exist, but distinct cultures do exist. This second responsive argument not only fails, but it also annihilates – with utter finality – the modern Federal Government’s position. The modern Federal Government has aided and abetted a program of multiculturalism, the lodestar of which is intrinsically racial in nature: people not of European descent are automatically attributed with possessing a non-European derived culture, with which they purportedly enrich and invigorate our societies and civilization when they arrive in our European Homelands. This assumption can only be true if there are indelible, Nature-imposed distinctions between European Descended People and non-European descended people. It is respectfully and humbly submitted before Almighty Providence that no such distinctions can exist supernaturally and that therefore the sources of these distinctions are found in the bloods of mankind, in the teleological totality of mankinds’ existences as social animals, in their genes: in short, in their separate dimensions as distinct races.

The absolutely necessary yet furtively implicit assumption of multiculturalism is that the various peoples of mankind carry their respective cultures with them as biological baggage; this is a tacit admission that race exists. For, what is an indelible, Nature-imposed distinction between European Descended People and non-European descended people that results in their carrying their respective cultures with them as biological baggage, if it isn’t race? Here the Zionist-Jew and his allies – avaricious plutocrats; myopic, nimbus-numbed Christians; and sanguinary non-whites – will twist, distort, and prevaricate. In short, they will do anything but concede the point, and as long as the modern Federal Government is in cahoots with them, they will carry the day. Yet, though they label said difference what they will, we learned the true nature of a rose from Shakespeare.

3. European Descended People ask for a Homeland, living space, and a habitat, and we are told that the mere posing of this suggestion is an act of hate, intolerance, and criminality. Non-European descended people are not only demanding the preservation of their indigenous homelands, living spaces, and habitats, but they are now also – as a matter of right – demanding and taking the Homelands, living spaces, and habitats of European Descended People.

And how does the modern Federal Government respond? The Federal tyrants tax us, so that they can fund Israel; thereby, we are subsidizing Israel as it undertakes projects such as its Apartheid Wall, even while our southern border is disappearing, the Mexicans are openly and brazenly advocating revanchism (e.g., Aztlan, M.E.Ch.A & La Raza), and the sovereignty of our Blood is being eroded incessantly, porously, and pervasively by uncontrolled non-white immigration and non-white birthrates. The modern Federal Government uses non-white immigration to lower our wages; drive our women into the workforce; destroy our sense of belongingness and cohesiveness; dilute our voting power; degrade our environment, culture, quality of life, and civilization, thereby purposefully discouraging our People from bringing life into this world; submerge our sublime Blood in a hellish, crime ridden inferno of non-white lawlessness, riots, dislocation, envy, and barbarism – all with the final and ineluctable objective being the genetic extirpation of European Descended People: the closing move in a zero-sum game of racial-realpolitik.

And Judah smirks his sinister smirk and marks another day off his satanic calendar.

The facts thus ensuing are hereby submitted before a candid world: the above explication of the modern Federal Government’s political ideology succinctly, amply, and beyond question demonstrates that, by virtue of the modern Federal Government’s own policies and practices:

• Race exists.

• Culture is biologically associated with race.

The modern Federal Government is racist and has undertaken a policy of dispossessing, displacing, and ultimately extirpating European Descended People from their ancestral Homelands and from their more recently acquired living spaces.



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