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06 July 2008

A message to the Judeo-plutocracy ...

Imagine detonating a stick of dynamite: Will the resulting explosion result in more order - or in chaos? Will the aftermath of the blast contain within itself the ability to give rise to consciousness? The inevitable consequence of detonating a stick of dynamite is destruction - not creation. What, then, was the Big Bang? Was it a "stick of dynamite" or something else? The assertion that the Big Bang was a "stick of dynamite" - i.e., a random dispersion of matter-energy space-time - can not stand.

For life to evolve, a fantastic array of forces and conditions must be exquisitely balanced, both within their own internal contextual expression and within the nexuses of an integrated, teleological Reality; among these forces and conditions are the strong force, the weak force, gravity, electromagnetism, and what may be said to be the fifth force - the Vital Force. The claim that all of these forces and conditions will be balanced with the excruciating precision required to create a unified, integrated, teleological Reality, capable of giving rise to self-generating, self-replicating sentience and consciousness - that all of this can come into being as a result of a random dispersion of matter-energy - is absolutely preposterous on the face of it. The laws of thermodynamics stand as self-evident proofs of this conclusion. The only possible rebuttal to this argument is that there are an infinite number of universes - a multiverse, and that, therefore, our universe is a universe in which it just so happens that the conditions are right for life to evolve. And so here we are.

The multiverse hypothesis is not sound because it is not falsifiable. It is pure speculation; it is conjecture. Indeed, the multiverse hypothesis ultimately is not even dispositive. Furthermore, we cannot know what happened before the Big Bang, and we do not know what, if anything, comes after the heat death of the universe (or, alternatively, what, if anything, comes after the "Big Crunch"). Many of world's foremost scientists (cosmologists, physicists, etc.) have proven that the universe-Creation occurred from a singularity or from nothing. Furthermore, the evidence suggests that the Big Bang brought forth an integrated, teleological Reality-Totality capable of inducing self-generating and self-replicating sentience and consciousness. The following three assertions thus follow:

1. Occam's razor suggests the following conclusion: the Big Bang was a seed.

2. The laws of thermodynamics support the following conclusion: this "Big Seed" required prior intelligence.

3. Therefore, the Big Bang - and the universe and everything transposing it - is the Creation of a previously existing Intelligence: Aristotle's unmoved Mover, the Mind of God - the Creator.


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