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09 June 2009

Putting the Finger On Anthony Kennedy: Equal Rights for Whites!

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An unwritten constitution is far superior in resisting the Vortexcrement than is a written constitution. When a constitution is unwritten, e.g., a Blood constitution, certain actions are proscribed, permitted, or mandated; when a constitution is written, then thought conduits action via interpretation. Action is what it is; it is performed or it is not; it is permitted or it is not: it is tangible, and its results are manifest. Interpretation is the Whoremasters wormhole through the dimensions of humanity. Interpretation can transform a proscription into a requirement. The natural, spontaneous harmony between thought and action is burst, and action becomes slave to thought. Thus he who interprets comes to rule he who acts, while thought loses its relationship to the rational, but rather is transformed into a mere capsule for interpretation. Detached interpretation becomes the scepter of the elite; the Whoremaster yet again establishes himself as the final arbiter of reality: the middleman who sucks the Ichor of the Spirit on one side and the Blood of the corporeal on the other.

In June, 2007, the black-robed Whores outdid even themselves by effectively splitting 4½ to 4½: Anthony Kennedys (any relation to Ted?) schizophrenic vote supplied the Whoremasters requisite wormhole. And the bottom line is this: They can still take race into account unless you interpret Anthony Kennedy to be saying that we should take into account something that does not exist. Do you know what this is, all you fine-feathered intellects?

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