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05 August 2008

A spiritual garden or a materialistic hellhole?

A spiritual garden or a materialistic hellhole?

What a dark, lonely world this will be if these beautiful creatures ever disappear; isn’t the universe vast and empty enough? (Though still permeated by life.) Must we drive our sentient Brothers into the abyss? Can’t we see: what we do to these innocent, majestic creatures, we do to ourselves. The pain and death and harm we cause them, we do to ourselves. Do you want to live on Planet Stripmall? And when this world is a barren, destitute, burned-out space cinder, who will cry for them?

They are our test. Whatsoever we do to them, we do to ourselves. If we don’t change so that they may live, then we will not survive – and we will not deserve to.

Life is a gift, not a curse. And these creatures are our Brothers. In the name of the Creator: Let them live: let them ALL live.

This planet can be a cosmic oasis of Beauty, Life, elegance, love, peace, meaning, purpose, and hope. Or it can be a money-grubbing shit-hole.

Do you wan to be a human being - or do you want to be a venal automaton? A spiritual garden or a materialistic hellhole? Make up your mind; we're very quickly running out of time.

He, who loves money more than life itself, shall have neither.

More primates in peril: here.

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