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13 September 2008

Escape from the Judeo-plutocracy's planetary Platonic cave

The American people cannot have informed opinions on any issue of vital importance when the media is so controlled and manipulated by Jewish extremists who support Israel’s agenda over America’s true interests. War with Iran would be catastrophic; even more catastrophic for America than the “War for Israel” in Iraq, a war started by Jewish extremists such as Perle and Wolfowitz and aided by their powerful allies in American mainstream media.

In addition to Mike Wallace, the executive producers of 60 minutes are Jeff Fager and Don Hewitt, dedicated Jewish supporters of the Zionist State.

60 Minutes is famous for supposedly exposing corruption and deceit, yet as this C-Span tape shows, 60 Minutes itself is corrupt. Americans must demand a free and unbiased media in the United States, not simply one huge propaganda tool for the Zionist agenda.

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