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16 September 2008

Obama or McCain: Hobson's choice

Do you want to know who's going to "win" the election?

I'll tell you right now: the "election" is already over, and the winner is ...


“Politics, under democracy,” Mencken wrote more than 80 years ago, “resolves itself into impossible alternatives. Whatever the label on the parties, or the war cries issuing from the demagogues who lead them, the practical choice is between the plutocracy on the one side and a rabble of preposterous impossibilists on the other.” And in a declaration even apter now than it was at the time, he concluded that what democracy “needs beyond everything is a party of liberty.”

The trouble is, however, that now, even more than then, the American people have little interest in liberty. Instead, they want the impossible: home ownership for those who cannot afford homes, credit for those who are not creditworthy, old-age pensions for those who have not saved, health care for those who make no attempt to keep themselves healthy, and college educations for those who lack the wit to finish high school. Moreover, they want it now, and they want somebody else to pay for it.

The fake-opposition masquerading as White Nationalists won't talk about any of the above, because they're more interested in striking a pose and cashing-in; they're part of this rotten, miserable system, and they profit enormously from it. The fake-opposition dance and frolic around causation, but they never, ever actually finger it - and then they laugh all the way to the bank and their gated communities. How dare you - how dare you - pretend to speak for Thomas Jefferson by placing his words on your masthead.

I speak for Thomas Jefferson - not you equivocating, pusillanimous, fake-opposition milquetoasts. And that goes double for ALL you knuckle-dragging White supremacists.

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country."

Thomas Jefferson

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