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The Declaration of White Independence: Fourth Political Theory

A unilateral assertion offered to and for consideration by the European Descended People of the fifty united States of America and all ...

13 August 2008


WASHINGTON (AP) — White people will no longer make up a majority of Americans by 2042, according to new government projections. That's eight years sooner than previous estimates, made in 2004.

The nation has been growing more diverse for decades, but the process has sped up through immigration and higher birth rates among minority residents, especially Hispanics.

It is also growing older.

"The white
[sic] population is older and very much centered around the aging baby boomers who are well past their high fertility years," said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank. "The future of America is epitomized by the young people today. They are basically the melting pot we are going to see in the future."

The Judeo-plutocrats have opened our borders; they have prostituted our women; they have denuded, deflowered, and debased our culture; they have used “terror” as a pretext to intern us inside a police state; they have exported our industries; they have poisoned not merely our minds, but our very souls, with their colostomy bag culture and their media monopoly; they have subjected us to hate crime laws; they have pilfered our wealth and ruined our economy; they have usurped our freedom of speech with hate speech laws; they and their allies – myopic, nimbus numbed Christians and sanguinary non-whites – have sullied, spat upon, mocked, ridiculed, scorned, and torn down every – every – single principle and precept upon which our White constitutional Republic was founded; they have concentrated and centralized all power into the hands of the Federal Government, and they have seized control of the Federal Government with their media and their money-power and used it as a weapon to enslave us. The Judeo-plutocracy has, to encapsulate, waged relentless, all out psychological warfare as well as military warfare, to destroy our People while they drain our Blood and treasury to ensconce themselves as global tyrants of the New World Order.

34 years. 34 years, and our Nation is lost - forever. And probably much sooner than that; 2042 might be when the scale finally tips, but functional incapacity will come much, much sooner: indeed, arguably, we're already there.

And still -
still - no one has the spine, the guts to speak out logically, coherently, articulately, and honestly and seize the moral high ground and simply say:

It is not wrong, it is not immoral, to want one's People/ethnoculture/Kind to survive and prosper.

So I'll say it: read
The Declaration of White Independence: The Founding Documents of Transudationism.

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