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29 January 2009

"President" Obomba

"President" Obomba is a Judeo-plutocratic System Whore - just like Bush I, Bush II, Clinton, and all the rest of the tyrants masquerading as the American government.

Obomba was installed by the Judeo-plutocracy, because when the manure hits the fan - i.e., when the economy collapses completely, when there are food riots, when the violent crime rate skyrockets, when the thin veneer of civilization falls and there's blood in the streets - Obomba will be there to defuse everything by talking his street-hustler bullshit: only it won't work.

Obomba is the best front man the global Judeo-plutocracy could find; they're counting on him to fulfill their agenda of global hegemony. Obomba's role is to play the part of the noble African, the great Mulatto Messiah - while providing cover for the Judeo-plutocracy's military-economic machinations: it's all just business as usual.

Unfortunately for the Judeo-plutocracy, not every nation in this world is populated by room-temperature IQ Oprah fans. Obomba reaches out to Islam - but the bombs keep falling, Israel continues its campaign of genocide against the Palestinians (heavily subsidized by bankrupt American taxpayers), and America is transformed into a balkanized, mongrelized hellhole.

But don't worry: Obomba will keep talking his street-hustler bullshit - and everything will magically get better. So take some lithium and watch Oprah.

In fact, as far as the Judeo-plutocracy is concerned, you can do anything - as long as you don't realize who's behind the curtain.

There's only one moral, upright, peaceful, humane way out: Upward.

Solzhenitsyn would agree.

Do you want to save your Kind, White man, as well as ALL life on this planet and ALL life yet to come in the universe? Then study the material found at the above links - and, in the name of God, open your eyes.

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