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24 October 2009

40 Percent of Our Political Views Have a Genetic Component

All of this leaves open the question: Which genes help create which political attitudes? Right now, we don’t know. To discover the links will require lengthy studies of the DNA of people with different political views. Scientists are having a hard time locating the specific genes that cause diseases; it will probably be much harder to find the complex array of genes that affects politics. ... Genes shape, to varying degrees, almost every aspect of human behavior. The struggle by some activists to deny or downplay that fact is worrisome. The anti-gene claim is ultimately an ill-starred effort to preserve the myth that, since the environment can explain everything, political causes that attempt to alter the environment can bring about whatever their leaders desire.

Once the Orwellian doublethink is dispensed with, the following facts become self-evident:
  • "Diversity" = replace White people with non-white people
  • "Multiculturalism" = a tacit admission that culture is biologically associated with race
  • "Immigration" = White genocide
  • "Globalization" = the annihilation of human diversity
  • "Democracy" = a ruse by which centralized tyranny seeks to obliterate ALL homogeneous, opposing centers of resistance
  • "Human rights" = a one-way road on which non-whites are privileged and empowered, while simultaneously Whites are not so much as permitted to assert their own existence
  • "Justice" = anything that furthers the vested interests of hyper-organized, moneyed elites
  • "Freedom" = a Panopticon-esque, webbed framework of thought-control and coercion
  • "Economy" = post-modern serfs toiling on behalf of their Judeo-plutocratic puppet masters
  • "Peace" = the cause used purportedly by those who wage perpetual war
  • "Independence" = the wholesale bondage and enslavement of ALL the Peoples and nations of mankind to the international Judeo-plutocracy
  • "Civil rights" = the name of the excuse given for destroying White Civilization and for waging a campaign of genocide against European Descended People
  • "Tolerance" = celebrating the demise of one's own culture, nation, and ethny
Bonus section:

Cognitive dissonance in the news:
  1. Here: President Shimon Peres told the Washington Post Saturday he believed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "came from the right, but he's no longer a rightist".
  2. Here: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, in an interview published Saturday, Palestinians needed to recognize Israel as a Jewish state in order to resolve their conflict. ... "Jews come here and Palestinians will go there. So choose. That's the basis of a solution," the Israeli prime minister said.

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