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01 November 2008

Happy Halloween! A Message of Hope!

Happy Halloween! A Message of Hope!

After the “election,” please keep this article handy and read/reread it.

Western Elites have sold-out European peoples in the name of race-less capitalism. These Elites had no problem taxing us and bleeding us to establish their global economic and political hegemony; in other words, these Elites used nationalism as a force to catapult themselves to planetary predominance, but nationalism became passé after the Second World War. The Elites then changed their tune to make-way for race-less capitalism. They pumped our beautiful White youth full of empty, war propaganda rhetoric about “freedom” and “democracy,” and then they led them off to mutual slaughter in two fratricidal world wars – all in the name of making way for their precious, long sought after New World Order.

“Freedom” and “democracy”? Take a look around: people are cattle; Obama comes out of nowhere. Palin comes out of nowhere. Biden and McCain are the System Whore anchors. You know, the whole ridiculous charade of American “democracy” is so transparent, so facially fraudulent, that it really, really is scary to look around and watch as people go along with it, buy into it, watch it on TV like it’s a sporting event – which, by the way, is exactly what it is; people can’t tell the difference between entertainment and reality – and to enable this state of affairs is why journalism was murdered; hence the institution of reality TV, infomercials, five hundred cable TV channels, and the complete elimination of any distinction between news and entertainment: the System has declared total war on your Mind.

When thus understood, much of American history comes clearly into focus. The so-called “civil rights” era was promoted, funded, publicized, manufactured, staged – and for no other reason than homogeneous, educated, cohesive societies are not good for profit/consumption; it is more difficult for such societies to be turned into cash-cows populated by servile wage-slaves. Civilizational anomie is excellent soil for sowing obedient, docile workers and soulless consumption drones. And that’s pretty much what America is all about now. The “civil rights” era was produced by the same Power Structure that brought you the “bailout”: it’s always been about the money, first, last, and foremost. Everything else is just stratagem and details – always remember that.

So these Elite proceeded to rip our society to shreds. They tore down standards and leveled protections that had served to provide our People with a haven, a Homeland, a future – with the kind of security and prosperity Jefferson spoke of in his first inaugural address.

Of course, these traitorous Elite did everything they could to make it look like they were taking the high road; they spoke endlessly about “justice,” “equality,” “human rights,” “progress”: no one in all of history has ever used language to destroy a civilization – but these lip-flappers put on a tongue twisting tour de force. Of course, what they were really concerned with was lining their pockets and padding their nests. The truth of this assertion is shown by, among other things, the recent market meltdown and subsequent “bailout.” The Elite conjure up 700 billion dollars out of thin air, simply by printing slips of paper; 700 billion dollars gets tacked onto the national debt, which we are thereafter obligated to repay – with interest. And the banks then turn around and loan us the 700 billion dollars, our own money, which we must thereafter repay to the banks – with interest. We pay interest on the same money twice, and the banks cash-in. Moreover, the added money devalues the money already in circulation.

But there’s not enough money for border security, eh?

The Judeo-plutocracy has learned that it cannot digest a nation without first negating its homogeneity; failure to take this precaution has the potential to result in devastating blow-back from the Natives. But, if the Judeo-plutocracy is attentive and nimble, they can loot the host nation while simultaneously ensuring that no opposition rises to offer resistance. Half of all children living in America under the age of five are not White – and currently White areas are being invaded by non-whites: notice how, in 2008, no "blue" state is up for grabs, but many "red" states are going to go "blue"; all this is a function of demographics.

They're turning it from the northern end of the old Confederacy to the southern end of the Northeast corridor.”

And this demographic shift didn't fall from the sky: it was intentionally, purposefully manufactured by the Judeo-plutocracy, with the primary coup occurring with the Immigration "Reform" Act of 1965 - one hundred years after the South was smashed by the banker "free trade" North. And looking forward in American history, more and more "red" states will turn "blue," but not a single "blue" state will ever again go "red" (see e.g. California). It's the demographic version of the one-way ratchet effect. Whatever gains the Judeo-plutocracy makes, it keeps; whatever defensive position patriotic Whites retreat to, they abandon: this has been going on for decades; Obama is the culmination of a very long process of deliberately induced
degeneration – albeit punctuated by countless, incremental, enabling baby-steps along the way.

America has a one-party political system, but it goes to great lengths and ridiculous expense to stage political campaigns and elections, so as to make it actually look like there’s actually more than one political party. But it’s all a joke and a con. Naked power cannot be exercised without at least a veneer of legitimacy - at least not yet. Does anybody really believe that McCain is the best that can be offered against Obama? Yeah, right. Kerry was meant to lose to Bush, and McCain was meant from the beginning to lose to Obama. The Judeo-plutocratic agenda is all that matters. Obama collects fantastic amounts of money from his multicultural, hip-hop army – and then he turns around and gives it to the Judeo-plutocratic corporate “mainstream media,” so that they’ll air his JFK/Messiah montage: and the planetary Platonic cave lights up! We Whites get screwed and everybody else goes home happy. And they call it “democracy.” You’re “free”: so line up and choose between the two items on the menu – Coke or Pepsi?

Isn’t that special?

The Judeo-plutocracy does not merely tolerate fake-opposition; the Judeo-plutocracy needs fake-opposition – otherwise there’d be no opposition at all, and the racket would be exposed for what it is: Enter the light–o'–love Lilliputians.

So, in light of all this: What is to be done?

The Judeo-plutocratic Elite are just waiting – licking their chops and just waiting – for the current generation of Whites to finish processing through the dystopian menagerie meat grinder the Judeo-plutocratic corporate media outlets refer to as globalization, and then the hip-hop nation will take over – permanently. You see, the “Right” side of the System rode its base as far as it could; it sold them voodoo economics, one pack of lies after another: it fed them a bunch of bullshit about the new international economy, the new age of prosperity for all. Yeah. Take a look around. The Judeo-plutocratic Elite loathes Whites; the Republican Party for how many decades now has been sometimes overtly, sometimes covertly, recognized as the party of the White majority? And yet – and yet – not once did it ever fight to preserve the White majority that kept putting it into power. Reagan went for amnesty, and he didn’t do a goddamned thing about the borders – but he crushed PATCO and took care of the rich. That’s all you really need to know about Reagan. The Republican Party rode its own horse into the slaughterhouse. It cynically used the White majority, for what … fifty, sixty years? And now the White majority is f*cked. And now the Republican Party will overtly become Albino Democrats – look, we hate the White majority too! Those rotten motherf*ckers. Though we rode on their backs for decades, though they elected us time and again to protect their interests, though we used their sons and daughters and taxes to facilitate our wars for Judeo-plutocratic global hegemony – and though they have been the heart, soul, spine, and mind of the United States since its inception – in spite of ALL this, still, we say: SCREW THEM. It’s hip-hop America from here on out, and once Obama is through with his eight years, who knows what the Judeo-plutocracy has in store for us next. After eight years of Obama, anything will be possible. Obama will have eight years to keep the borders wide open, eight years to naturalize every illegal immigrant in America and legalize any others who enter, eight years to stack the US Supreme Court with the most far left, anti-White judges you can dream up (say goodbye to the 1st Amendment and any other vestigial liberties still extant), eight years to permanently and forevermore ensconce the United States in a global government through machinations such as the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), eight years to push for more “hate crime” laws and “speech crime” laws and “thought crime” laws, eight years of balls-to-the-wall “affirmative action” enforcement, eight years to move 2042 up to 2024 – and with a compliant Congress, a drooling Judeo-plutocratic media, tens of millions of huddled, globalized masses yearning to breathe free, planetary ecological devastation right around the corner, organized world Zionism spurring him on at every step, a brand new, up-and-coming, hip-hop, multicultural nation of brainwashed, indoctrinated, brain-dead public school refugees, and Pope Benedict Arnold just itching to flood White Homelands with the “faithful,” Obama has ALL the tools he needs to do it: ALL of it.

And you paid for it all, White ladies and gentlemen. And you voted for it, too. And the cretinous Palin will be there, after the deed is done and Obama is installed. Palin will be there. She is the future of the Republican Party. Palin versus Obama in 2012. That’s what we have to look forward to. That’s our “political” System. That's the Vortexcrement.

They haven't even finished shoving Obama down our throats yet - and they've already got the 2012 election cornered. You have no choice. Do you get it? Do you see it now? And all the people who are supposed to be looking out for you are System-approved, do-nothing, dead-end, money-grubbing Whores.

How much more of this Bullshit are you going to swallow, White ladies and gentlemen – how much more?

And the System knows exactly what it’s doing. It got the White majority to waste sixty years worth of votes on international capitalists and their fake-opposition fellow-travelers. Not one of them ever did a goddamned thing to actually, meaningfully protect the long-term interests of the White majority – the White majority which provided them with all their money, perks, exposure, power, golden parachutes, and finely feathered nests. But they’re really, really good at begging for money – have you ever noticed that? Winks and nods aren't good enough anymore; indeed, they never were.

But now the White majority can go f*ck itself?

No: the Republican Party can go f*ck itself. And it can take ALL of its collaborationist, fake-opposition stooges with them.

So, in light of all this: What is to be done? What hope have we?

It’s time for an overtly White political party.

And one more thing: White nationalists around the world must select one currently White nation – the one with the best chance of breaking free of the global Judeo-plutocracy – and throw all available resources and efforts into a full court press to free that particular White nation; then, White nationalists must use the newly liberated White nation as a base of operations to free ALL our People from the encroaching kosher Cacocracy.

The election of 2008 was choreographed like a Hollywood movie, because it is a Hollywood movie.

Regardless of whatever the Power Structure has in store for us on "election" day, the old Republic dies on Tuesday 4 November 2008: the writing's on the wall - that's the bad news. The hope is that, with new leadership, with new ideas, our People will recover from this blow, and continue on along the Path of the Upward Spiral, toward their cosmic Destiny in the stars. We, as a People, still control our own fate.

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