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13 November 2008

The Intelligent Creator vis-à-vis the Multiverse

"A sublime cosmic mystery unfolds on a mild summer afternoon in Palo Alto, California, where I’ve come to talk with the visionary physicist Andrei Linde. The day seems ordinary enough. Cyclists maneuver through traffic, and orange poppies bloom on dry brown hills near Linde’s office on the Stanford University campus. But everything here, right down to the photons lighting the scene after an eight-minute jaunt from the sun, bears witness to an extraordinary fact about the universe: Its basic properties are uncannily suited for life. Tweak the laws of physics in just about any way and—in this universe, anyway—life as we know it would not exist.

"Consider just two possible changes. Atoms consist of protons, neutrons, and electrons. If those protons were just 0.2 percent more massive than they actually are, they would be unstable and would decay into simpler particles. Atoms wouldn’t exist; neither would we. If gravity were slightly more powerful, the consequences would be nearly as grave. A beefed-up gravitational force would compress stars more tightly, making them smaller, hotter, and denser. Rather than surviving for billions of years, stars would burn through their fuel in a few million years, sputtering out long before life had a chance to evolve. There are many such examples of the universe’s life-friendly properties—so many, in fact, that physicists can’t dismiss them all as mere accidents.

“We have a lot of really, really strange coincidences, and all of these coincidences are such that they make life possible,” Linde says. ... “If there is only one universe,” Carr says, “you might have to have a fine-tuner. If you don’t want God, you’d better have a multiverse.”

Below please see the Transudationist position:

Imagine detonating a stick of dynamite: Will the resulting explosion result in more order – or in chaos? Will the aftermath of the blast contain within itself the ability to give rise to consciousness? The inevitable consequence of detonating a stick of dynamite is destruction – not creation.

What, then, was the Big Bang? Was it a “stick of dynamite” or something else? The assertion that the Big Bang was a “stick of dynamite” – i.e., a random dispersion of matter-energy space-time – can not stand. For life to evolve, a fantastic array of forces and conditions must be exquisitely balanced, both within their own internal contextual expression and within the nexuses of an integrated, teleological Reality; among these forces and conditions are the strong force, the weak force, gravity, electromagnetism, and what may be said to be the fifth force – the Vital Force. The claim that all of these forces and conditions will be balanced with the excruciating precision required to create a unified, integrated, teleological Reality, capable of giving rise to self-generating, self-replicating sentience and consciousness – that all of this can come into being as a result of a random dispersion of matter-energy – is absolutely preposterous on the face of it.

The laws of thermodynamics stand as self-evident proofs of this conclusion.

The only possible rebuttal to this argument is that there are an infinite number of universes – a multiverse, and that, therefore, our universe is a universe in which it just so happens that the conditions are right for life to evolve. And so here we are.

The multiverse hypothesis is not sound because it is not falsifiable. It is pure speculation; it is conjecture. Indeed, the multiverse hypothesis ultimately is not even dispositive. Moreover, even if - and that's an awfully large if - there is a multiverse, we can never know whether the other universes too are teeming with life processes. And even if there is a multiverse, we're still faced with the question of what set it in motion. And even if there is a multiverse, how do we know Life was not teleologically intended to seed its other constituent universes too? Furthermore, we cannot know what happened before the Big Bang, and we do not know what, if anything, comes after the heat death of the universe (or, alternatively, what, if anything, comes after the “Big Crunch”). Many of world’s foremost scientists (cosmologists, physicists, etc.) have proven that the universe-Creation occurred from a singularity or from a nothing. Furthermore, the evidence suggests that the the Big Bang brought forth an integrated, teleological Reality-Totality capable of inducing self-generating and self-replicating sentience and consciousness.

The following three assertions thus follow:
  1. Occam’s razor suggests the following conclusion: the Big Bang was a seed.
  2. The laws of thermodynamics support the following conclusion: this "Big Seed" required prior intelligence.
  3. Therefore, the Big Bang – and the universe and everything transposing it – is the Creation of a previously existing Intelligence: Aristotle’s unmoved Mover, the Mind of God – the Creator.

Transudationism is self-evident:

In addition to the above reasoning, below is an explication of Transudationist ethics:

Transudationists desire the liberation of ALL the Peoples of the world. Of course, that does include the White, European-descended People. But it also means the liberation of all the races/Peoples of mankind. Transudationists advocate self-determination for everyone: peaceful, voluntary geographic separation based on mutual respect and love.

There are two ways to perceive the Big Bang: (1) as an event analogous to a "bomb" "exploding" (i.e., as a random expansion of space-time matter-energy), or (2), as an event analogous to a "seed" "sprouting" (i.e., as an ordered expansion of space-time matter-energy). If it were a "bomb" "exploding," there would be eternal, utter chaos in the universe; there could not be complexity and consciousness emerging. For consciousness to emerge, the laws of nature must first be created, such that they are exquisitely balanced, integrated, and harmonized, from the subatomic scale to the cosmic scale.

Please think of a flower. A flower begins as a seed, but its teleological, final cause is its beautiful scent. Mankind are cosmic flowers, and their “scents” are their respective Consciousnesses: every living thing seeks to grow, to evolve toward the Creator. A flower uses light, photosynthesis, to grow and live. And all life (people, cats, horses) ultimately uses light-based photosynthesis/stellar creative processes as its energy source.

If you take a part of a hologram, within that part is contained the entire original hologram. If you take a single cell from anywhere in a human, within that cell is contained all the information needed to create that entire human. That is what Transudationists mean by a Holy Hologram. Light/stellar creative processes permeate all life. The source of Genesis is the Creative Act of God, as He plants the autotelic cosmic seed we call the Big Bang. The Holy Hologram is a feature of the design embedded in the fabric of the cosmos; quantum uncertainty exists to provide Consciousness with the necessary free will to grow toward and ultimately rejoin with the Creator.

If the Transudationist hypothesis is correct, and the Big Bang was a seed, that means that the Creator is a kind of spiritual gardener. Transudationists do not necessarily claim to know the identity of the Creator, but if asked to state their position, Transudationists of the West would agree with Aristotle’s notion of the unmoved Mover.

Transudationists suggest that Transudationism is the best hypothesis that can be made, based upon observations of the natural world, from the subatomic to the cosmic, from the moment of Creation up to the present time. And looking forward into the deep future, if mankind evolve wisely, with love and compassion, the Transudationist hypothesis states that the races of mankind (indeed, all life!) can evolve to become Beings of Light, and eventually attain fusion with the Creator, the spiritual gardener. And just as there are many different species of flowers, so too are there many different races of man – and these races are on their way to becoming different species. These differences should be respected and nurtured – not stamped out in the name of economic materialism. Real diversity means respecting and treasuring our differences – not wiping them out for the sake of profit.

Transudationists passionately yearn for a world of love, purpose, meaning, truth, beauty, joy, goodness, and brotherhood. Transudationists hope that the different races of man will learn to respect each others’ living spaces, belief systems, dignity, aspirations, and right to live in peace and freedom.

”Economic man” is man as reduced to nothing more than a commodity, a material thing stripped of his relationship with the divine: economic man is a prisoner of Mammon. Organic man, on the other hand, is a tribal, communal being, living in harmony with nature and with his fellow creatures. Economic man is an inmate of a globalized, material Bastille, unable to evolve to higher levels of Consciousness because he is enslaved to matter, to wealth, to Mammon. Organic man understands his place in the cosmos, that he has divinity within him, and that he must eternally nurture and strive toward higher Consciousness, because it is through higher Consciousness that unity with the Creator is possible. And Consciousness has at its base the information contained in RNA and DNA. Organic man recognizes a Force, a meaning, a Destiny higher than himself. Organic man sees that he is not merely an end unto himself, but that he is a link in a chain, and he profoundly knows that his most sacred duty on this earth is to maintain the continuity of the chain.

Just as the original living single-celled organism rose to higher complexity until Consciousness emerged, organic man knows that today’s life forms must likewise ascend to become yet still higher forms of life.

Transudationists are not a materialists or determinists, but neither do Transudationists believe that mankind have attained pure free will. Mankind currently have more free will than the original single-celled organism, but not as much free will as the life-forms that mankind have the potential to evolve to become. Spiritual evolution, higher Consciousness, is the next wave of evolution, but mankind won’t make it unless we understand our place in the cosmos. Transudationists believe in God. Transudationists believe that God is immanent and transcendent. But God has created a teleological universe, in which mankind must wisely exercise their incipient free will: either mankind will choose the path of Higher Consciousness, the Path of the Upward Spiral – or they will choose the path of self-destruction. This is a cosmic test, in which mankind must prove that they are worthy of continuing on through space-time, of ultimately evolving into Beings of Light and rejoining with the Creator.

The West has lost its soul. European Descended People have been degraded in every that can be imagined. I looked around and thought about what it all means. Why are we here? Why does Reality exist? Where did Reality come from? I have thought as deeply and as penetratingly as I can. Reality had to come from somewhere. There must be meaning and purpose behind it all – not because I say so, but because the fact that Consciousness has emerged from the void compels me to arrive at that conclusion.

Please look at the punctuation mark immediately at the end of this sentence.

The moment before the Big Bang, the entire universe – everything you see outside of you and within you – existed within a point the size of a punctuation mark period. My sense of logic tells me that the only rational way to perceive this is as a seed: a teleological, autotelic cosmic seed, with disembodied, divine free will/Consciousness as its ultimate fruit.

The Transudationist hypothesis is the best explanation that can be offered regarding the origin of the universe and Life’s place and destiny in the cosmos.

In simplicity there is beauty and elegance:

What ultimately, truly matters is that mankind affirm Life - and that we take the High Road of love and respect for all the peoples of humanity and for all of God’s creatures - the Path of the Upward Spiral.

Transudationists refuse to adopt racism as a strategy. Transudationists do not hate anyone. Other than the Jeffersonian concept of the right of revolution, Transudationists will not condone violence.

We will not lose our humanity in the name of saving it.

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