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09 November 2008

Multicultural Totalitarianism

Multicultural Totalitarianism

No one in America gets political power unless they sell-out completely to the Judeo-plutocracy. No one becomes president of America unless they sell-out completely to the Judeo-plutocracy. Obama is no exception. Obama hasn’t even been sworn in as president yet, and the very first thing he does is appoint Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff. Then, the second thing Obama does is tell Iran that it cannot pursue nuclear technology and that it must stop supporting “terrorism.”

Obama appoints as his Chief of Staff a Zionist with Irgun terrorist connections – and then Obama accuses Iran of terrorism.

The U.S. has thousands of sea-based/land-based nuclear weapons, and Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons. But Obama tells Iran that it can’t develop nuclear technology.

The hypocrisy, arrogance, obnoxiousness, and self-righteousness will never end, because:
  • The Judeo-plutocracy owns the American media.
  • The Judeo-plutocracy owns the American educational system.
  • The Judeo-plutocracy owns the American government.
  • The Judeo-plutocracy owns the American economy.
Obama was installed to give America world-wide goodwill and breathing room. Obama was installed so that when he goes after Iran, the world will go along with it, because it would be “racist” not to agree with Obama.

With Obama, the Judeo-plutocracy will get what it couldn’t get with Bush. The Judeo-plutocracy doesn’t care about "racism" or "equality" or "justice": Obama was installed because he will be a more effective front man for the global Judeo-plutocracy. People will now once again be tricked into rooting for the USA. And you can see it’s already started.

The Judeo-plutocracy rode the White Republican coalition to death; it got Bush, the Christian-Zionists, other Bible-belt evangelicals, and the rest of the Reagan coalition to pursue its hegemonic, Israel-first policies in the Middle East. And at the same time it left America’s borders wide open. By the time the Judeo-plutocracy was done using the Republican Party for its own ends, the Republican Party was hated, outnumbered, and cornered: it was a spent force. But all this was no accident. Now that the Judeo-plutocracy has finished off - and is finished with - the White-based Republican Party, the Judeo-plutocracy removes its mask, and what we see is multicultural totalitarianism, with Obama playing the role of the Mulatto Messiah, the hip-hop Savior – and now Obama will inherit all of the dictatorial powers put in place by Bush: the Patriot Act, the Department of “Homeland Security,” the detention camps, the denial of habeas corpus, the repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act. All of these things and more will now be at the service of a Black Marxist radical, with the son of an Irgun terrorist as his Chief of Staff, a leftist Democratic Congress in power, and with a Judeo-plutocratic Zionist dominated mass media to cover his back. The plutocrats got their “bailout,” the rich have their gated communities, the Zionists have their Jewish state, La Raza’s revanchism is only a matter of time, and a self-conscious, aggressive, determined, sanguinary minority coalition has been born that absolutely will not be satiated until White civilization and the White race have been driven from the North American continent.

Gee, it’s almost as if the whole production was choreographed, eh?

And now the Republicans and the fake-opposition will carefully direct and channel any possible White awakening into absolutely worthless, pointless directions, like “Palin in 2012” or Internet posing and posturing; they’ll beg for money and crank out books about “the end of this” and “the death of that.” Basically, they’ll do nothing but talk, and they’ll beg for a whole lot of money, but they won’t actually do anything – unless you count diverting legitimate White activity down dead-end paths.

And they’ll do all this while simultaneously ignoring the one book that saw it all coming, that lays it all right on the line, that has proven prophetic, that rips the guts out of the System, and that offers our People a humane, moral, peaceful, legal, viable way out of the Judeo-plutocratic, anti-White deathtrap.

White America, do you feel like you’ve been lied to? Do you feel like you’ve been betrayed? Are you lost and confused about your place in this world? Are you concerned about your future and the future of your children? Would you like to know what’s really going on and why?

Then open your eyes and see the world the way it really is:

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