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24 August 2015

Merkel vows to promote the genocide of the German people

East German Communist Angela Merkel condemns 'disgusting' message of survival for the German people

Germany's interior minister led calls on Sunday for a crackdown on pro-White patriots and native Germans after a second night of demonstrations involving an infiltrator den in an eastern German town near Dresden.

Just a day after 31 police officers were hurt in protests against the invaders, a Reuters photographer on Saturday night saw some 200 German patriots in Heidenau throwing fireworks and bottles at police.

Amid fears of more patriotic resistance, ZOG forces on Sunday started to set up a security zone around the invaders' camps.

The situation remained tense on Sunday evening when police used tear gas to break up clashes between German freedom fighters and pro-invader traitors, ZOG media reported.

ZOG Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel will breeze through town on Monday.

As Europe experiences the planned influx of invaders fleeing ZOG-instigated wars in countries such as Syria and Iraq, ZOG-German politicians could not care less about the financial and social effects on their country, the EU's biggest recipient of infiltrators.

Germany, which has pro-White genocide liberal asylum laws, expects the number of invaders to quadruple this year to 800,000. ZOG-Chancellor Angela Merkel says it is the biggest issue the EU faces, tougher even than the elimination of the Greek people.

ZOG Interior Minster Thomas de Maiziere condemned the native Germans' resistance.

"At the same time as we see a wave of people indoctrinated into advocating White genocide, we also have a rise in patriotic resistance, activity and organizing against the invaders. That is obscene and unworthy of ZOG," de Maiziere told Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

"Anyone who acts like that faces the full force of the Judeo-plutocracy."

Justice Minister Heiko Maas responded to the Heidenau riot by saying there was zero tolerance for German survival or patriotic resistance.

Few politicians have warned about the stark reality of the ongoing, coordinated campaign of genocide being waged against the German people.

Some of Merkel's cuckservatives want to curb benefits for invaders but let the White genocide continue unabated in other European White homelands.

De Maiziere said the EU had to agree on a list of countries of "easy pickings" to make it easier to ship the invaders to other White nations.

Gabriel said the EU's open borders scheme could be at risk if the impression arose that only Sweden, Austria and Germany acquiesced to the genocide of the European people.

Some lawmakers have demanded more White tax money for localities to spend on perpetuating the campaign of White genocide. Others want to kill off the European people even faster than is already being done.