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22 August 2015

White Power at a Donald Trump Rally

Trump centered much of his speech on illegal immigration and the need to build a wall. Trump fans expressed support for the real estate mogul’s push to eliminate birthright citizenship in order to do away with so-called “anchor babies.” "It's not right that they are just coming in free will and having babies and they stay here," one supporter told AL.com. "It's not right."

Mobile resident Jim Sherota, clutching a vaporizer in one hand and wearing a t-shirt of conservative musician Ted Nugent, took it one step further.

"The way I see it they ought to make it a vacation spot," Sherota said. "OK, you want to come to the border, $25 for a permit, you can shoot all the people you want that cross illegally."

He later clarified that his remarks were "in jest."

As Trump spoke one man in the crowd could be heard yelling out “White power!” A Daily Kos contributor said this was not an isolated incident and that the phrase was yelled out multiple times by members of the crowd throughout the event.


FULL SPEECH - Donald Trump, GOP Presidential Front Runner, at Mobile, AL Rally

At 53:41, Trump declares his admiration for Israel. Does he mean it, or is he saying what he has to?