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08 September 2015

After poem rejected 40 times, White poet publishes it under Asian name

Congratulations to Yi-Fen Chou, whose poem “The Bees, the Flowers, Jesus, Ancient Tigers, Poseidon, Adam and Eve” was selected for inclusion in the Best American Poetry anthology for 2015. BAP, launched in 1988 by the writer and professor David Lehman, is co-edited every year by a visiting literary starlord. This year, that starlord was the great Sherman Alexie; previous years have entrusted the scepter to Mark Strand, Rita Dove, and Terrance Hayes.
There’s just one problem: Yi-Fen Chou’s real name isn’t Yi-Fen Chou. It’s Michael Derrick Hudson. Hudson.

Evil White Male
Michael Derrick Hudson

The authoress of the article, Katy Waldman, exercising her Jewish privilege, states in the article that "affirmative action [is] a set of practices designed to ease the effects of ingrained injustice."  Oh, now I get it. "Affirmative action" is merely a "set of practices." And the term "ingrained injustice" is never defined or explained; we're just supposed to believe it. Name-calling and wordplay: that's all these "Katy Waldman" types are capable of. Keep her article handy in case you're ever poisoned. It will instantly induce vomiting.