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09 September 2015

The Zogfather: Sheldon Adelson Is Ready to Buy the American Presidency

He just hasn’t decided which candidate to buy.

In a few weeks, when the nuclear deal Barack Obama negotiated with Iran comes before Congress, it’s all but certain that not a single Republican will vote in support of it. With the possible exception of Maine’s Susan Collins, who has yet to reveal her position, each of the 246 Republicans in the House and 53 Republicans in the Senate has indicated his or her opposition to the deal. Not that a mere vote could possibly express the intensity of even that unanimous opposition — or the fervid support for Israel that lies behind it. “It is a fundamental betrayal of the security of the United States and of our closest allies, first and foremost Israel,” Texas senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz has said. Cruz’s 16 Republican-primary opponents have denounced the deal in similar terms. One of them, Mike Huckabee, has gone so far as to argue that Obama “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.”

“Can you think of worse optics for Jews than having the casino magnate sitting out in Vegas and having all these Republican candidates schlep out to see him and kiss his ring?” frets one prominent Jewish Republican.

The entire article is available here.


The 98% in-between the top 1% plutocrats and the bottom 1% cannon fodder is a balkanized jambalaya, purposefully created by the open borders policies of the 1% plutocrats in order to (1) divide-and-conquer, (2) supply unlimited cheap labor, and (3) dissolve any potential resistance by submersing the public realm in endless internecine warfare. The professor in the video is either too stupid and/or too politically correct to acknowledge these facts. There is no "American people". The "American people" were murdered by the Judeo-plutocracy to permanently ensconce themselves as plutocratic Overlords.