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22 November 2015

Black Lives Matter protester forcibly removed from Trump's Birmingham rally: Crowd chants: 'Build a wall!'

Trump supporters, Black Lives Matter protester clash at rally

During a campaign rally for Republican presidential contender Donald Trump in Birmingham, Alabama, on Saturday, a fight broke out between a Black Lives Matter protester and other event attendees.

One video from the event, shot by a CNN reporter, shows several Trump supporters shoving and kicking a black protester on the ground. CNN reports that the man appeared to have been shouting "black lives matter," a slogan that was also printed on his shirt. The network reported that at least six attendees pushed and tackled the man when he refused to leave the event.

One rally attendee can be heard on camera chanting "all lives matter" as the protester was later escorted out by police officers.

The scuffle drew enough attention that Trump interrupted his speech at the rally to address the fight.

"Yeah, you can get him out," Trump said on stage, referring to a protester. "Yeah, get him out. Get him the hell out of here."

Birmingham Police Lt. Sean Edwards confirmed to CBS News that three people were asked to leave the event after the skirmish broke out. All three departed, and no arrests were made.

This is not the first instance of altercations at the billionaire's campaign events.

During one event in Richmond, Virginia, a Trump supporter spit on a Latino protester, and one woman threw a punch.

In Doral, Florida, at least four immigration protesters were escorted out of the venue.


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